Friday, December 19, 2008

We got our white Christmas



Lovin on one another

Jake on the porch

Anderson braving the cold
Last night and into today, a big winter storm moved into the area and dumped about a foot of snow on us. The boys had been watching it snow all day, so when it finally stopped we dressed them up to go out. Jake was ready and willing...Anderson was a different story. Much like last year, Anderson resisted the dressing process and crabbed all the way out the door. Of course once he was outside he had fun.
Jake was very hands on. He attempted to climb the snow mounds, ate the snow and was picking it up like crazy. Anderson was more of a disgruntled observer. He toddled around checking things out but had zero interest in joining Daddy and Jake who were playing in the deep snow. Eventually he picked up some snow and was definitely enjoying himself. I base that off of both their irrational and spastic reactions when it was time to come inside.

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