Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Mommy and her honey bees.


Daddy and his Halloween goodies.

Trick or Treating

Spiderman giving Jake a treat...fruit snacks, Daddy's favorite!

The boys had a full first Halloween. Daddy took the day off and we started out by going to breakfast. We dressed the boys up and they looked so precious in their bumble bee costumes. After breakfast we headed downtown for a helmet adjustment for Jake, hopefully his last one. The orthotist said that after today's adjustment there is no more room for anymore adjustments. Jake has officially outgrown his trendy headwear. We see the dr. next month, but it is looking like Jake will be done by December.

The appointment took a long time so the boys were pretty tired to say the least. They crashed on the way home but as soon as the car pulled into the garage they were ready for some more Halloween celebrating. We tried with earnest all afternoon to get them to nap but they weren't having it.

We headed to the McBride's for our annual Halloween sloppy joe dinner and my parents joined us there. Afterwards all the kids put on their costumes and we took lots of pictures. By that time it was close to six o'clock and we came home as to not miss out on the action. We loaded the boys up in their wagon and headed to our neighbors' homes. Anderson and Jake scored big with bath toys, finger foods and some candy for Mommy and Daddy. They spent some time visiting with their Grandmas and passing out candy to the Trick or Treaters. It didn't take long for them to tire out, we layed them to sleep and they didn't make a peep. Sweet pumpkin dreams, sweet babies.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Horsing around with Daddy

Anderson and Jake like to rough and tumble with Daddy.

Jake going for the choke hold as Anderson laughs.

Jake gives Daddy his mean face, Anderson doesn't have one. He is always smiling.

Daddy passes out tickles as a punishment.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving Time

Checking out the pumpkin after the top was off and it was gutted.

By the time Uncle Jared started to sketch out the face the pumpkin was old news.

Ta Da! Jake loves pumpkins!

Anderson checking out the texture of the stem.

Today Anderson and Jake helped to carve their first pumpkin. They watched intensely as I cut the top off and gutted the pumpkin. I encouraged them to stick their hands into the pumpkin and feel around. Jake liked it but Anderson was a little more hesitant. They started to lose interest as Uncle Jared drew out the face as you can see in the pictures. When the pumpkin was done they were very vocal and excited to take a picture with it. Good Times!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's almost here...boohaaahaaaa

My Halloweenies.

First Bubble Bath

Jake (L) and Anderson (R)

Jake trying to figure out what Daddy put on his head.

Anderson wasn't so sure about the bubbles on his head.

The boys took their first ever bubble bath yesterday. They loved feeling, eating and playing with the bubbles. Luckily the poopy monster stayed away, he was probably too distracted by the bubbles to come out and terrorize Mommy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh no he didn't.....

It wasn't me I swear! I'm too serious of a guy for that kind of funny business.
It wasn't me...I don't think. I don't remember if I did.

Right before the poopy monster struck.

OH YES HE DID! The poopy monster struck AGAIN in the tub this morning. GROSS! Can you tell who the culprit is by his guilty face?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy 9 months and 3 weeks, Anderson and Jake!

A new "milestone"

Two bizzare and digusting things happened today:

1) One of my precious babies POOPED in the tub this morning. This has never happened before.

2) After I was done cleaning up the tub I actually thought to myself...why didn't I take a picture of it for the blog, darnit? WTH is wrong with me?

Enough said.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Trash Gordon

Daddy reading "Which witch is which?" to Anderson and Jake.

Onto our favorite book "Put me in the Zoo"

Half of the mother load from our basement.

Our scary hacienda

Daddy was reading to the little ones today and they get so darn excited! It reminds me of Oscar the Grouch reading "Trash Gordon" to little Slimey. The boys love being read to but at one point Jake decided he had enough and rolled away, it was quite amusing. Speaking of trash I included a picture of half of the trash we put out tonight from our basement. We decided not to push our luck and leave the rest of it for next week.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oodles of Noodles

Anderson liked his whole grain pasta...YUM?

Jake did too!

Happily munching away.

It takes a good half an hour plus for those noodles to disapear from the trays.

Doesn't Jake's head look awesomely round? Yay for our little helmet guy!

Can you really have too many eating pics? I know I may be wearing the eating entries thin but Kev and I get so excited when they eat new things. Today was whole grain pasta with a taste of butter and parmesean. So far they will eat just about anything we put in front of them... pinto and lima beans, pasta, ravioli, chicken, pancakes, veggies, meatloaf, grapes and the list goes on. It just takes them so darn LONG to eat, I'm a slow eater and they are too slow even for me! Today they spent some time playing at Grant and Claire's house so Mom and Dad could do some basement organization. We have enough garbage for an entire street to throw away. The good news is our basement is close to being done. We had our drop ceiling hung on Friday and soon we'll be installing cabinets and toliets. The countdown is on...that basement must be finished for the big 1st birthday bash.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ghosts, Goblins and Bumble Bees

Jake wanted to go outside and play.

Jake, Ashley, and Anderson

Family Pic

Anderson watching the kids go by.

Jake getting tired out from all the excitement.

We took the boys to downtown Rochester this afternoon to do some pre-holiday trick or treating. We met up with our friends, Jason, Heather, and Baby Ashley. The boys were bumble bees and it just so happened that Ashley was a ladybug...perfect! The babies enjoyed riding around in their wagons and watching all the big kids around them in their costumes. After the trick or treating we took a stroll through the park and went on the baby swings. The babies seemed to enjoy themselves and the parents definitely enjoyed the candy they scored from the babies!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anderson scooched his way under the computer desk in the den.

Laying around as our bathtub fills up.

We love tubby time! Lately when we take the boys out of the baths they have mini fits, they enjoy the time spent splashing around.



The boys are really starting to get around lately. Still not officially crawling but definitely on their way. Anderson likes to scooch around backwards and on Tuesday Jake started to army crawl. We are very excited about Jake because just a week ago he didn't even seem remotely close to crawling and now are little guy is well on his way. Anderson has been rocking on all fours for a couple weeks so it is just a matter of time till he figures out how to get going.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cider Mill Pics

Jake, Claire, Grant and Anderson

The bubbies
My little guys
Family pic high atop a pyramid of hay
Anderson and Grant

Cider Mill and Pediatric Urgent Care don't mix...

Jake Thomas

Anderson James

The cousins crew

Everyone except Kev, the photographer.

Daddy kissin up on Jake

What a day, what a LONG day! It started off as any other day, rise and shine at 6 a.m., breakfast and lots of play. While playing this morning Jake made a random arm movement and ended up swiping Anderson across his face. He was pretty shook up but after lots of soothing and kisses he calmed down, then I realized that Jake had scratched poor Anders eye. He had a pretty good size red broken blood vessel looking thingy in the corner of the white of his left eye. He seemed unphased by it, he wasn't rubbing it and seemed happy enough so we decided to just keep an eye on it and call the dr. in the morning.

We did the cider mill/pumpkin thing but I had a hard time enjoying myself because I was worried about my bubby the whole time. On the way home we decided to take Anderson to the Pediatric Urgent Care at Crittenton Hospital and I am glad we did. They put some dye in his eye and looked at it with black light and saw that the scratch was superficial....he'll live. We have drops to give him to prevent infection and all is well. He was a very cooperative patient and flirted with all the nurses. After Jake woke up from sleeping in the car, Kevin brought him in and then they all ooogled over Jake as well. Let's hope for a less eventful annual cider mill day next year.