Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby OCD

Anderson with his red car. Can't get a good pic of him lately because he loves putting his face right up to the camera and saying cheese.
Jake with his blue car.

About two months ago, a friend of ours gave the boys some battery operated cars. You shake them up which makes the engine rev and then you set them down and they take off pretty fast. The boys were really scared of them at first. They didn't want to have anything to do with them, so they sat in the toybox for a few weeks until recently.

Anderson became interested in them but still he didn't want to touch them. Both the boys would bring them to us periodically and ask us to make them go. As soon as we started to shake them they would climb up on the couch and watch the cars zip around. They were too afraid to be on the floor with them. For a couple of weeks now they have been driving us nuts begging for us to shake and chase the cars around while they cautiously watch from the couch.

Last week Anderson finally got the nerve to shake the car himself, set it down and watch it go. Since then he has been happily playing with the cars while Jake watched from his safe refuge. Both Kevin and I have been trying to encourage Jake to join in the fun but he just wasn't ready.

Till yesterday.

Yesterday he finally found the courage to shake the car, touch the spinning wheels and enjoy the toy. This was about an hour before we had to leave the house. Please don't forget this child carried trains around in both of his hands every waking minute for six days straight. Once Jake finds a toy he likes he becomes obbessed. We had to pry his little fingers off the car when it was time to leave the house and he screamed for about 10 minutes afterwards. We cut our errands short because the poor thing was so tortured from being away from his long awaited car.

I can only imagine what has been going through their little minds for the past few weeks when they would only watch the cars but not play with them. All the anticipation, excitement and fear wrapped into one tiny mind. Today has been no different, they haven't put them down. Well, at one point Anderson put his car down to play with something else and Jake had a fit about it. He chased Anderson around crying and begging him to keep playing cars. The peer pressure worked, Anderson took the car from Jake and reluctantly went back to playing with him.

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