Monday, July 30, 2007

Anderson is officially sitting up

Anderson sitting tall and proud.

Big Smile!

Anderson playing with his bug-a-boo while he practices sitting up.

Anderson has been sitting up for a minute or two for quite some time now, but today he was able to sit up with pillows around him for over 15 minutes and only toppled over 3 times. I think it is safe to say he has reached his sitting up milestone!

Our trip to Niagra on the Lake

Me at the White Water Rapids Walk.

The Falls.

Kevin at the White Water Rapids Walk.

Niagara on the Lake

Kevin and I took a mini-vacay to Niagra this past weekend. We had a great time but missed the boys terribly. I don't think I was ready to leave them yet. Everytime I saw a baby or family I got so bummed out that we didn't have them there with us. I was pulling out their pictures all the time and longing to feel their soft skin on my cheek or hear their sweet babbling. I was pathetic. We had planned to spend some of Sunday checking out all the wineries but decided to come home to our bubbies instead.

We rented a cottage that was just a block away from Lake Ontario and a 10 minute bike ride to downtown Niagara on the Lake. We shopped downtown, rode our bikes to see the falls, took a jet boat tour through the rapids and stopped at a couple of wineries.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hey Mama, watch this....

I can put my hand in Anderson's mouth and up his nose and Anderson thinks its funny!

Jake swinging on a summer day.

Anderson enjoying his first swing ride on his new swingset.

We bought the boys their first swingset since they enjoy their time on the swings at the park so much. It's a throwback blast from the past swingset unlike the common suburbia wooden Costco swingsets that cost more than a Carribean vacation. It serves Anderson and Jake's purpose well and they had a great time on it today. After it was assembled last night Kevin and I took at swing on it and both couldn't believe that we have a swingset in our yard. Someone else's yard okay, but our yard...wierd.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anderson the busy guy

Anderson pulling Uncle Jared's hair.

Anderson eating Mommy's make-up bag.

Anderson James taking pictures with Mommy while Jake sleeps.
Time for an Anderson update. I'll be giving one on Jake soon. Although Anderson is a very easy going baby he is starting to show a bit of a strong willed side as well. Usually he doesn't mind when Jake steals a toy or binky from him or when Mommy or Daddy take away something he is going to put in his mouth. BUT when it comes to sleep and eating his vegetables he knows what he wants. If Anderson doesn't feel like napping or eating his veggies he lets everyone within shouting distance know it. He takes a deep breath and then lets out ear piercing screams one after another and just when you think he's tired himself out, NOPE he's just taking a break.

Last week he had his first official temper tantrum. He was in his swing while I was behind him feeding Jake his bottle. Anderson wasn't due for his bottle for an hour but when he saw Jake eating he wanted one STAT! He looked over at us, took his deep breath and then let us have it. He was screaming at us then he would look away as if he couldn't take it anymore, look back and start again. I called Kevin at work so he could be a part of it all...he was very appreciative.

Anderson seems to enjoy his celebrity treatment out in public from being a twin. He loves all the little old ladies that come up to him. He gives everyone a smile and sometimes says "hiya" in a deep voice. Everyone comments on how happy he is and what a sweetheart he looks like. I'm by no means suggesting he actually knows he is saying hi, but it sure sounds like that and he does it at the appropriate times. Anderson is getting very good at sitting up, he has taken a couple of tumbles but still goes at it like a champ. Sitting up is good but what he really likes is standing. He likes to stand up and play with the exersaucer, leaning on the couch and in someone's lap. He has some strong fat baby roll legs.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My New Hobby

Anderson and Jake had a fun weekend. On Saturday we took them to the sidewalk sales in Romeo and we were joined by the McBrides. Anderson and Jake LOVE Grant and Claire, they just light up whenever we see them. After checking out the sales we headed to see Uncle Jared working at Thee Office Pub and had dinner. From dinner we walked through town to the Dairy Queen checking out all the historic homes along the way. Jake went crazy for my cone. I gave him just a smidgen of a taste, but that wasn't enough for him! He threw a fit for more and when I tried to share with Anderson he flipped out. It was pretty funny and very endearing, poor little guy wanted some ice cream but he just isn't big enough yet.
Today Grandma and Grandpa Edgar stopped by for a visit. Grandma brought gifts for the boys from her vacation to California including the bumble bee hats, from the Anne Geddes store, in the pics above. They also got some cute Anne Geddes blankets and some rockin Robeez for the fall. They have baseballs and mitts on them. Thank you!

Monday, July 16, 2007

6 Month Professional Pictures

These are just a few of the pics we had taken of the boys at the six month mark. The quality stinks because we had to take a picture of the picture. I'm too cheap to pay the six dollars to view it online, not to mention I felt like I was getting the upsell from the crazy picture lady so I refused based on principle as well.
I want to thank my fellow bloggers and .org readers for introducing themselves. Your kind comments really made my day, I had no idea that there was anyone who was interested in what I had to say besides our parents, siblings and those that I force feed it to when they come over. Maybe the world is a much friendlier place than I thought it was....I like that.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Pics

Going on a walk

Can we please get on with it and leave the yard?

Jake with a mohawk

Anderson with hair horns, kinda hard to see

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Come out, come out, wherever you are

Me and my little guys

Daddy and double trouble

Jake is happy!

Anderson isn't!
Anderson and Jake are changing every day. Thier newest love is their stroller rides around the neighborhood. Previously when we tried to sit them up in the stroller they would get the sun in their eyes and after a few minutes slouch down and look all uncomfortable. So we would usually walk them in a reclined position and they would fall asleep. Lately they have been sitting up and loving it. They love checking out all the sights and sounds around them. Even when we were chased and barked at by a dog they weren't phased in the the least. Kevin says it's like when the Fraggles left their Fraggle Rock caves. It is like a whole new world for them outside.
They decided the blog needed a makeover but as you can tell they have tried a few different designs and just couldn't come to an agreement. Artistic differences, you know how that goes. For a few days there the blog was different by the hour but I think they finally found what they liked (Shhh....we stole it from another blog). We have also noticed we have some blog stalkers that we don't know from S.C, Canada (Alberta), D.C, California to name a few. Yes, we are watching you.....anyone care to reveal themselves? As long as you're not creepy we'd love to know whose reading our blog. Feel free to leave us a comment.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Pics

Showing off our pearly whites.

Anderson James

Jake Thomas

Anderson standing up on his own as Jake watches in amazement.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mmmm..... Peas

Jakers liked them!

Anders not so much!

Mommy tickling Jake
Jake pulling Mommy's hair
Worth reading:

Friday, July 06, 2007

Brotherly Love

Jake and Anderson holding hands while watching Seasame Street

Mini wrestling match..."I told you to put your helmet on Anderson!"

Eating our teething ice popsicles

Today Anderson and Jake had their 6 month appointment. Each weighs about 17 and a half pounds and is about 27 inches in length. Dr. says they are doing very well and she is pleased with their progress. They got the green light to start their vegetables so they had peas for dinner. Jake liked them but Anderson wasn't as thrilled.

They also went for a helmet check-up this week and there was good news with that as well. Anderson's head is completely symmetrical in just under 6 weeks (average is 6 months)! The dr. said we can stop the helmet if we choose or we can wait one more month to ensure that he doesn't regress. So we decided he will continue to wear it till our next appointment which is August 10th...yay Anderson!

Jake has made significant progress as well. His orignal measurements showed his skull measurements from one side to the other to have a centimeter and a half difference, hence a flat spot. He now only has three quarters difference in his measurements which means he is halfway there! Unfortunately he will have to wear it longer than Anderson but we are so happy that the helmets have benefitted the boys so much! Jake has also made progress with his physical therapy for tortocolis. He is now able to turn his head 10 degrees further to the right then he was able to 6 weeks ago.

Kevin and I see so many children/babies at therapy with such debilitating and tragic physical impairments. Some of the children even have traches and are on breathing machines or are completely wheelchair bound. It makes us feel immensely fortunate and extremely appreciative to have such healthy boys.

Recently Kevin and I took the boys to the park for a walk and a ride on the baby swings. As we walked around the park we passed another family with two toddlers. The parents were Americans and the toddlers were both Asian. They were a beautiful adoptive family that brought tears to my eyes. Kevin and I were both thinking the same thing. That could have been us.....and that would have been wonderful as well. Adoption was something that we would have been doing this summer had life not unexpectedly changed. But it just got us to thinking, why us and not them? Moral of the story...children are such a precious gift and for those who read this blog who have never struggled with infertility consider yourself a lottery winner. There is no pain and anguish like that of infertility where everyone around you effortlessly creates what your heart longs for and that you slowly die on the inside for.

Me...stepping off my soapbox.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Half Birthday Anderson and Jake!!

Anderson James in his Elmo party hat.

Jake Thomas loves his "cool kids wear helmets" onsie from Uncle Jared.
Anderson and Jake are 6 months old today! Kevin and I went out for Mexican tonight to celebrate thier half birthday and to treat ourselves for surviving the first 6 months. I think Anderson and Jake were mad we didn't go to Chuckie Cheese because they crabbed, moaned, and occasionally screamed through the whole dinner. Let's just say we were both still chewing our food as we walked out to the car. Kevin ordered all you can eat tacos...what a waste!
That's alright, we still worship the ground they spit up on!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Great Grandpa Guitar

Great Grandpa Guitar with some of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Anderson James and his Papa James.

Jake and Great Grandpa Guitar

Last week my Grandfather met the boys for the first time. He is in a nursing home and my aunt was able to have him brought to her house for a short visit. It was wonderful to see my grandfather and have him meet the boys. Although he is unable to communicate very well it was plainly obvious that he loved being amongst his family and seeing everyone.