Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Overdue Update

So moving sucked. It really, really, really sucked and it's still sucking. Moving coincided with the start of the school year so I felt like I was rushing to set up my classroom and rushing to set up the house and everything was kinda thrown together haphazardly and I'm having a hard time catching up.

There is still so much to do, but there is life to live as well. I don't like disrupting the boys nor do I want to push them aside while I work endlessly on getting this place together so for now we take it one small project at a time and our focus is the bubbies. I must admit I frequently have moments of regret. I love the house, the neighborhood, the area but it will be a much larger undertaking to care for than the old house. And the expenses that come with a new house are overwhelming as well. It's kinda like getting a puppy. You tend to turn a blind eye to all the work a new dog is because the allure of a cute little puppy is irresistible.

On a positive note, we seem to have some great neighbors. Many of them have gone out of their way to come over and introduce themselves. One neighbor ( with three boys under three) even brought over homemade cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood. Wow, homemade cookies!

The boys have been enjoying preschool. Their favorite activity is Show and Tell. Show and Tell happens once a week and they have brought the most random items to show their class. But it's their show and tell and I try not to influence their choices in any way. As long as they are enjoying themselves who I am to stand in their way.

Their teacher told me she could tell I had been working with them at home. She said they did wonderfully on all their initial assessments and she has mentioned to me on more than one occasion about how great their vocabulary is. Toot ,Toot! I just wish I could get those little stinkers to spend some time practicing to write their name or even just color. So for now things on the preschool front are great.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blake's Cider Mill

Waiting to ride the train through the orchards

Daddy and his guys on top of a huge hay mountain

My bubbies and me

Just a reminder on how little these guys still are

They are really starting to join forces now. Today Jake came to me to tell me how sorry Anderson was for putting a gouge in the wall. Anderson just hid behind his brother and let Jake handle the situation.

Big Red Cider Mill Part One

Anderson James

Jake at the wheel!

Love the way they are all sizing eachother up

Jake and Uncle Brian feeding the goats

Anderson and his Daddy

Big Red Cider Mill Part Two

Saturday, September 11, 2010

You knew I'd have to

Love the trestle wood plank bench that goes with our dining table

Some fun repurposed accessories

The island eating area that the boys love. We have a hard time getting Jakey to the table.

I'm loving my kitchen. The functionality has been great and I love the way it all came together. My plantation shutters will be here in just a few weeks and I'm on the hunt for some curtains. We've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen and it seems like when we have other people over, the kitchen has become the meeting space. The boys love to sit at the island on the bar stools and its makes for an easy clean up in the morning when we need to get out the door. I'm still drooling over my hardwood floors but I have to admit that they do show everything. People warned me but I would still do it all over again. I've just had to incorporate a quick sweep and swiffer each evening to keep up with it all.
We had a great day today at the cider mill and at the JDRF fundraiser at Grant's karate dojo. More to come on that....

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Home sweet home

Eight long months later, this journey is finally finished. Last night was our first night in the new house and we are slowly settling in. There is still a list a mile long of things that need doing and our bedroom is the dumping ground for all the odds and ends, but eventually we'll get it done.

It has been a big adjustment to move into a larger home. My Grandma's condo was about half the size of this house so everything seems larger than life. I think I'll miss the closeness that a small home brings. I really dislike sleeping on the first floor with the boys upstairs. I had a hard time sleeping last night worrying about them and lots of crazy "what ifs" busied my mind.

The boys seem to be enjoying their new space. Tonight Jake asked me which bedroom was his...I thought they knew that already. I guess its going to take some time. They love to run across the bridge and bounce rubber balls in the rooms with tall ceilings. We brought out some toys that have been in storage so they are rediscovering those as well.

Speaking of toys, we went to Target this evening and they asked me if I was going to buy them a toy. I said no several times and finally Anderson said, "Whatever you want to buy us mom, whatever you want to get us is good for me." My three year old is using reverse psychology on me, impressive. He did end up getting something...organic milk boxes for his preschool lunches.