Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Anderson eating his toast on Christmas Eve morning.

Claire telling Jake a secret.

Grant James and I

Jake sitting next to uncle wearing his new mocassin slippers.

The bubbies in action.

Christmas Eve was a little unusual this year as Kevin had to work. Thankfully he was home by 3 but it just seemed weird to not have him there for all the preparations. My parents and the McBrides came over around 3 and the Christmas fun began. In years past we always open presents after dinner, but that just wasn't to be this year. No sooner did everyone walk through the door that the wrapping paper began flying around the room.
The first present the boys opened were some Christmas ornaments from the McBrides. As soon as they saw the shiny Mickey Mouse and Firef*ck it was difficult to bring them back for more. They wouldn't have cared a bit if that had been their only present. We were really inconveniencing them when we encouraged them to open more gifts. Eventually they opened more and found wonder and amazement in each new present....excluding the clothes of course.
They were happy enough to be off to bed by 8. Never have I saw such a lack luster reaction in a tot when told "Santa Claus is coming tonight". BIG DEAL. They were more concerned with making sure Daddy sang Animal Books and I sang the Dinosaur song before they were off to snooze.
The evening was wonderful but came to a rough end. Anderson was up every 3 hours crying, coughing and unable to breathe through his nose due to severe congestion. Both he and Jake have been battling colds for the past week and of course it reached its worst point on Christmas Eve. His temp was 102. I was unable to sleep at all because I was so worried about him and the fact that there would be no where to take him on Christmas Day. Thankfully Tylenol got him through till this morning when I was able to take him to the Dr. Poor thing has an ear infection.

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