Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Tales of Despereaux....

was our very first movie. The boys will be turning two in two weeks, so we thought they were ready for their very first movie. It was quite a production just to get out the door. I packed every snack imaginable and they were very well thought out snacks. Had to be something they eat slowly, don't get sick of, and won't get sick from. They ended eating a massive amount of Kevin's popcorn, fortune cookies (long story), animal crackers and water. Things I packed that they didn't eat...grapes, cheese, pb & j bites, and fruit leather.

They were a little timid at first. As we entered the dark theartre they were a little spooked. We picked them up and reassured them that it was just a giant TV. They previewed Ice Age which scared the pants off of them. Anderson and Jake were still adjusting to the sound so all of the sound effects were making them jump out of their tiny skins. Then the characters started falling off a cliff and I think the poor little guys thought they were falling as well. Their beautiful faces were all squished and red and their eyes were starting to well up. Thankfully it was over as quick as it began and they quickly recovered.

They were great for the first hour of the movie. They munched on their snacks and sat pretty quietly. Every once in a while they said ", movie" to myself, Kevin and the McBrides. The last half hour they started to get a little fidgety. They moved up onto our laps and began to chatter a bit more, repeating some of the lines the characters said in an outside voice. It was sweet (to us at least) and I don't think they caused too much of a disruption to the other 20 people in the theatre. Now I'm just scratching my head wondering how these little guys got old enough to go see a movie.

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