Monday, October 10, 2011

Swim class

The boys began their first swim lessons last month and not surprisingly, they love it. They seem to just love life in general and this was without exception. I know that sounds a bit nauseating, sorry about that! It can be a bit much when one doesn't exactly have the same energy levels as those two little guys.

Jake is our little daredevil and Anderson plays it safe. It seems I have inadvertently put their teacher on tilt. On the first day of class, they announced that all parents had to watch from the bleachers on the second level. Ummm....come again?!?!? The boys are total non swimmers, and even worse Jake thinks he is a swimmer. I needed to be close to them, I needed to know I was within arms reach of them if the teacher was distracted and didn't notice you know what ( I hate to even verbalize it). Keep in mind that the class has about a 6 to 1 ratio.

I took both boys by the hand and walked up to their instructor to introduce her to her "Totally non swimmers, as in can't float above water, only 4 years old, first swim lesson, and this one right here thinks he can swim and tries to swim whenever he can." I don't know, guess I must have come off a bit strong because this instructor is constantly glancing up in the bleachers at me during every class. She never lets either one out of her sight and if Jake makes an attempt to swim independently she quickly puts him back on the wall and looks to see if I'm watching.

I feel bad that she thinks I'm a total helicopter mom, cause really I'm not. I guess when it comes to their swim class, I am but we've all heard the horror stories of kids drowning in a pool full of adults. When it comes to protecting our kids, instincts just take over and damnit I just don't care what this chick thinks of me as long as she keeps my boys safe.

Pumpkin Festival

Anderson pumpkin bowling
Jake bowled with the potty shot method
Hayride Anderson and I
Anderson playing the old colonial day games...he was collecting eggs in his basket
Uncle and Jake
The cousins
This was our second year attending the pumpkin festival at Van Hoosen Farm which is just around the corner from our house. The boys really enjoyed it last year and had a great time again. Unfortunately we have all been feeling under the weather this past week, so our time there was cut short because Momma felt like passing out in the unusual heat combined with a head cold from hell.

We returned later that night because that is the best part of the whole festival. After hundreds of people spend the day carving their pumpkins and lining them up on the nearly two hundred year old stone wall you return at night to see them all lit. It's pretty magical, even when your thirty five years old. To see hundreds, if not a thousand lit jack o lanterns on this old stone wall surrounded by a street of historic homes's a sight to be seen and experienced. The boys love finding their pumpkin and then checking out all the creative pumpkins that people carved. They each had their favorites and you could just feel their excitement and wonder.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fall Wreath

This was an easy project. I took an old wreath I had and covered it in burlap. This literally took about 3 minutes at most. I bought a couple of new stems from Michaeals, gold clearance pumpkins and some damask Halloween ribbon. It took some time to arrange and hot glue it all together. I'd say the trickiest part was the ribbon. I tried some online tutorials, but I just don't have the patience. I ended up just doing my own thing. I couldn't recreate it if I tried. Linking up to my favorite Friday night party.