Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Picking

Be still my heart.

Apple Pickin Time!!!

Jake picking his apples.

Anderson took apple picking very seriously.

Shhh...Jake threw more on the ground then ended in the bag.

Apple Picking - Part Two

The orchards from high above the trees. Kevin climbed the ladder for this one.

Mommy and Anderson sorting through the apples.

Taking a break for "cheese"

A kiss for Mommy.

Me and my bubbies.

Apple Picking - Part Three

Daddy and Jake

Jake running up to me for a big hug.

Anderson loved picking the fujis.

Dad and Anderson getting the good ones up high.

Enjoying some cider and donuts afterwards.

Friday, September 18, 2009

First meal at the kitchen table.

My blog is slowly slipping away, I hate it. Not the blog, but the fact that I'm not blogging about my treasures as often as I used to. Life has been busy but more importantly it's been good. My bubbies are doing great, loving and living life to the fullest, occasionally raising hell, but mostly wrapping Kevin and I tighter and tighter around their little pinkies.

They've graduated to the kitchen table. Their high chairs have been cleaned and put away and long gone are their gates around the house. They now have full access to the kitchen and laundry room. Both changes have gone smoothly and are proof positive that I can't hold onto to my babies forever. I will, however, continue to procrastinate potty training and big boy beds and vow not to cave to societal pressures.

"Yes, they are still in cribs"

"For as long as I can possibly keep them there"

"A toddler bed is no bigger than a crib, you still use a crib mattress so what's the difference"


Surely there is someone out there who understands. When you spend months on end sleep deprieved from caring for two infants who wake up at different times of the night leaving you 20 minute intervals of uninterrupted sleep, YOU NEVER FORGET AND YOU NEVER TAKE A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP FOR GRANTED EVER AGAIN. Of course I'm putting off big boy beds for as long as I can, I don't want to deal with the middle of the night getting out of bed shenangins. Or better yet the tearing up the rooms and emptying drawers on the floor when they are supposed to be napping. No thanks. That day will come soon enough, until then I will keep head in the sand.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Rosco the Clown

We took the boys to the Harvest festival yesterday at Wolcott Farm. Rosco the clown was there providing some entertainment. I first met Rosco 28 years ago at Big Boy's Breakfast with Santa when I was 5 years old. Over the next few years my parents would take me to all kinds of events to see Rosco the Clown and over time he nicknamed me "chocolate face" from my chocolate milk mustache. When I was 8 years old, my parents threw me a surprise b-day party and had Rosco come for the entertainment. I was thrilled!! He made balloon animals, did tricks and told jokes. I will never forget how special I felt that day, that Rosco the Clown came to MY birthday party.

When I spotted Rosco yesterday, I couldn't resist telling him how he had come to my birthday party and how I had stalked him at Big Boy's over the years. He made the boys balloon dinosaurs and did the same magic tricks with them that he did at my party over 20 some years ago. It was an awesome experience watching them experience Rosco for the first time!