Sunday, January 30, 2011


We took the boys bowling. They really enjoyed it in their own way. They were hyper focused on the tv screen that showed the cartoon bowing pins getting knocked over. They would push the ball down the alley and then rush to see what would happen on the tv. They could not have cared less how many actual pins they knocked down just as long as they saw what happened on the TV.

On the lane next to us there was a b-day party of little girls that were a few years older than the boys. The boys shamelessly danced and showboated in front of girls. I loved it. After the bowling we took the boys out to lunch. We ate at Red Knapps which is a tiny old fashioned diner that has been in downtown Rochester for decades. They had chocolate milkshakes, hot dogs and lots of fries.

I haven't been blogging much because this time of the year always has me in a funk. I self diagnos myself with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I really, really, really hate the cold weather. I feel trapped indoors with the boys. We all need to get outside, ride bikes, take a walk, lay on the grass...something. We've been cooped up for months now and it's just getting old and taking its toll.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can you tell who the big brother is? It's funny that Anderson often interacts with Jake as if Jake is the big brother. Anderson is more outgoing and chatty than Jake, but when it comes to his brother he seems to always look for direction.

Jake certainly isn't the dominant twin, but he seems to have Anderson under his spell. Jake loves to play and he loves to play alone. Anderson is a people person and doesn't like to play alone, so he is always more than willing to follow Jake's lead as long as it means Jake will play with him.

They have been at the Montessori preschool program for two weeks now. They both enjoy it very much, however the transition has been much easier for Jake than it has been for Anderson. With Jake's love for independent play, the Montessori program is the perfect fit. He chooses what activities he wants to do and has at it. Their teacher has told me Anderson has a bit more difficult time choosing for himself what he wants to do and working on his own.

Despite the apprehension Anderson has, he was the most disappointed when I told him there was no school yesterday or Monday. Monday is the day they have gym class and he knows that so he has been really upset that he will miss gym. He woke up this morning asking if he could go to school and almost cried when I told him school wasn't open. I'm really relieved and pleased that they enjoy school. I always question whether or not working part time is right for our family. I never want to create a situation where we are stressing the boys out by hectic mornings getting them out the door or long days that are more than they can handle. They need lots of time at home, relaxing in the comfort of their familiar surroundings and knowing that their mommy is there if they need me.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday

All the cliches come to mind....time flies, their growing up so fast, my babies are gone, blink or you'll miss it. It's all true, four years ago this day seemed so far away and yet seeing those tiny little faces for the first time feels like it was yesterday. Kevin and I woke them this morning softly singing Happy Birthday to them. They started at the Montessori preschool today (did great btw) and afterwards we went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. After a quick, yet magical spin on the carousel we headed home to pick up cousin Claire from the bus stop. Their special day ended with a picnic dinner in living room watching a Care Bears movie. Dinner of their choice...cheerios and apples. Four years in and the euphoria lives on. I couldn't be more in love.