Monday, November 30, 2009

A woman's right

to change her mind and make no apologies for it. I spent the better half of last night lying awake in bed feeling uneasy about the choice we made on the two houses we saw on Saturday. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we liked both of them. Both of them are great houses.
The house we chose Saturday was the more conservative house as far as size and money. It doesn't have some of the bells and whistles that the other house has. On the more practical side, the house we didn't choose has much larger upstairs bedrooms than the home we originally chose. I didn't think this was really an issue for me because after all I'm not living in the upstairs bedrooms :). The layout of the home both inside and out fits our style and our needs a bit more than the home we chose. So, after some serious consideration and comparisons we have decided that the above home will be our new of today.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's hope I'm not jinxing us

Here is a picture of the home we are building. This home was completed in late September of this year.

Another shot of it from across the street.

This is the home next to our lot, our new neighbors. Feels kinda stalkerish since they don't even know we exist yet.

Our lot on Nickelby.
So stay tuned for tomorrow when I sadly announce that our deal to sell this house fell through again. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

Visit with Santa 2009

Jake at lunch

Anderson at lunch

We took the boys over to the Village of Rochester today for their pics with Santa. They happily climbed up onto his lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas...Super Why. They love the Super Why television show on PBS and would like anything Super Why for Christmas. Luckily Santa and Grandma have bought everything Super Why that the stores carry. Afterwards we had a nice lunch with Grandma and Grandpa


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 flew by. We hosted a brunch and then headed to Great Grandma Edgar's house for dinner. The boys enjoyed the day, particulary all of the balloons at G.G Edgars. On Friday we joined the McBride's at the Henry Ford Musuem for the Lego Castle Exhibit. It was crazy busy, but we managed to still have a good time. I think my favorite part of the field trip was the Bosco Sticks we had at the cafe. We left our stroller behind and the boys did a great job walking the whole time. Had to have been at least a mile, but they seemed unphased.

Today Kevin and I walked through the two different potential houses we are considering building. Due to the economy, the builder has no models of the different houses so he had to set up walk throughs of existing homes that people already live in. That's a little awkward to say the least. Thanks for letting us intrude....but really who is going to buy a home sight unseen?

It was really hard to pick a favorite, we were hoping to walk into one of them and say this is the one. We could have said that for both of them. Both homes were beautiful and had great layouts. Fortunately after talking about them, Kevin and I were on the same page. We were both slightly leaning towards the same house so decision made.

We will meet with the builder this week to discuss the details and draw up a purchase agreement. As far as our current home goes, everything went well with the inspection and now we are just waiting to hear back on the appraisal. No word on a closing date yet.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's try this again

We sold the house. Again. For the second time. On Wednesday we had three offers come in. None were that great, but we felt we could live with one of them. We were home when the family who purchased it came through. They had two small boys and I whispered to Kevin I thought the house would be perfect for them. One of their boys was around a year old so our nursery would be great for him and the boy's bathroom is boy friendly so that would totally work for them too.

We have the home inspection in about thirty minutes and the appraisal will happen on Monday. They are eager to get in, they sold their house in August and have been home hunting since so that makes me feel good that they liked what they saw. All parties are hoping the house will close by Dec. 11th. That way we can move out before my surgery. If it doesn't then it is more likely that we won't move out till after Christmas because I will be out of commission for a couple of weeks.

Kevin, the boys and myself spent the morning driving through neighborhoods and looking at used homes. Afterwards we stopped at the Pancake Pantry for a delicious brunch. I looked up all the info. on the homes we were interested in and unfortunately they were either out of our price range or we didn't like the pictures of the interiors. That's okay though because we really want to build anyways but felt that we should at least look at what was available in the used market. We are going to lay low for the next couple of weeks and make sure everything moves along with the sale of this home before we get ourselves in a happy tizzy again over the new build.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Day

Watching the ducks below

Everlasting love

Jake has finally gotten over his fear of being on Daddy's shoulders.

Happy Day-Part Two

Jake was all smiles

We were desperately calling for them to look up so we could snap a shot.

After nearly three years I still can't believe these bubbies are mine! *pinch*

Anderson was giggling up a storm in the leaves.

Today was a beautiful day so we dressed the boys in their holiday gear and headed to Rochester Park for a photo shoot. While we were there, we found some huge piles of leaves so we let the boys have at it. They were happily burying themselves and jumping in and out of the piles.
We had a showing yesterday, today and one scheduled for tomorrow. We've been told a possible offer may be coming in sometime before Monday afternoon. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, this roller coaster sucks. A lot can happen between now and Monday afternoon and an offer doesn't really mean anything if it's not sincere.
My surgery date is official. My lower jaw will be sawed in half in two places, advanced forward and held together with plates and screws on December 15th. This is such a long time coming, I'm having difficulty putting into words how I feel. So many thoughts come to mind...realizing for the first time that I had buck teeth. I was in sixth grade and felt pretty good about myself until I found out my nickname was Tammy "no chin" Guitar. Being told by a distant family member "put your teeth back in your mouth" as a joke. Always fearing to really let loose and laugh aloud because I knew my teeth were sticking out. Suffering from ear and jaw pain because I spend half my day forcing my jaw into a position it's just not meant to be in. I'm just skimming the surface with these thoughts, if I really divulged here I'd fear judgement. As a friend on facebook said this week "your own mind can be the worst tormentor".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This sucks

Home sale is over just as fast as it began. I guess it was a really long dream that I was abruptly woken from this morning. We are left with more questions than answers but bottom line is the sale if off. Our dream home will have to wait for the moment and I must readjust my frame of mind.

It's funny how my bubbies can make everything seem miniscule. I wallowed in some self pity for a few minutes but then I quickly reminded myself of the real, true treasures in my life. As long as I've got my three men at my side I can live in a box. Not to say I'm not really p'off at these people for jerking us around or that I'm not mightly disapointed that I don't get some new "stuff". But at the end of the day, stuff is just that, stuff.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


We sold our house on Thursday! Two offers came in on Wednesday night and on Thursday we met with our agent to work out a deal. I keep feeling like this is some sort of LONG dream that I haven't woken from. Everything happened so quickly! Yesterday was the home inspection and things went well. We have just one small issue to address but it shouldn't be a problem at all. The next hurdle is making sure the house appraises for it's selling price. The buyers actually offered us more than our asking price with some concessions. So even though we don't get more than our asking price (or our asking price for that matter) the house must still appraise for that amount.

Yesterday we met with Tuscany Builders to discuss floor plans, lots and the details of the home purchase. We also spent some time walking the new neighborhood and picking out a lot. We are still on the fence whether or not we are going to do a walk out basement or not, but if we decide to then we have a lot we really like. It is actually right on the border of the older phase of the neighborhood, so all of our backyard neighbors would already be established as well as the neighbor on our left. We won't have to deal with construction or dirt and the boys will be able to ride their bikes up and down the street safely without gaps in the sidewalk due to empty lots.

If we don't do a walkout basement then there are still 30-40 lots to choose from so at this point we are in good shape. Right now we are just trying to decide between two different floor plans and weighing the pros and cons of a walk out. Of course the only con is price. It is actually pretty reasonable, but when you factor in building up a deck or patio to accomodate a walk out, that is when the numbers start spiraling.

On Friday night we started taking things over to my Grandmother's condo. Today we have already made three trips with at least one more to go. It feels and looks like we haven't even put a dent in the work ahead of us.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Anderson as Mickey and Jake as Donald

Mickey and Donald had a great Halloween. We didn't get to do our big night at Greenfield Village due to the rain and Rochester was a bust but they still had a great time on Friday at Grant and Claire's school and yesterday trick or treating. I was impressed that they made it all the way around the block. They struggled to carry their increasingly heavy candy filled bags, but they refused any help. When we got home I popped some popcorn, threw in some m & m's and they sat in the foyer and watched the trick or treaters come to the door. We even let them have a sucker. I took their candy out of their bags and they didn't protest. I packed away some to take to school with me and left some out on the counter. They haven't even asked once if they could have some.
On the house front we had one showing yesterday and two scheduled for today. Yesterday's showing was during the boys naptime and they were so cranky and wound up by the time we put them down that they never really got any quality sleep. When they called about today's showings they asked to come during naptime again and I said no. New rule, no showings between 1-3. Probably not the best selling strategy, but self preservation for all in the family comes first.