Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The beginning of a lifetime of love and brotherhood

I love to watch the two of you play. The giggles and excitement between you is amazing to watch. I never knew just how special being a mom of twins would be, that I would be able to witness this incredible bond of brothers forming. When you wake the first person you look for is eachother. When one of you are sleeping the other stands at your door waiting and hoping that you can play together again soon. Always take good care of eachother.

Eat them up

Anderson (L) and Jake (R)

They love to joke around and give out their "meanie face"

A sweet kiss

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jake's new set up. Backwards crib pushed up against a wall with a bed butted up to it.

The only way out is onto a soft bed.

Anderson's new room complete with his furniture.

Anderson's room including the new table and chairs.

Jake has a new set up in his room. The McBrides came over yesterday to give us a hand with moving furniture. The boys were completely unphased by the rearranging that went on. Originally the boys shared a room for the first 6 months of life. We have another bedroom that was empty but it just seemed to make sense to have them together at the time. Naptime was becoming a huge issue as we have one champion sleeper and one oppositional/defiant sleeper. We made the decision to move our champion sleeper (AJ) into the spare bedroom because it was closest to the living room and noise so we figured he would be more likely to sleep through the noise.

Unfortunately that room was empty and just plain cream. We could've moved Anderson's furniture along with his crib but due to plain laziness and daily exhaustion we just didn't.....for the past 14 months. Uncle Jared did paint some pictures for his wall but other than that the poor guy slept in an empty room. Yesterday all that changed. We moved over his large dresser, put the new table and chairs in there and gave him his piggy bank, photos and other trinkets. He and Jake spent all morning playing in there and I love that he loves his "new room".

Jake, however, isn't enjoying his new set up quite as much. He is continuing to tantrum at bed and naptime. Today was a record hour and half till he finally settled. He's frustrated that he can't see out the front of his crib and just doesn't want to take the time out of his busy play schedule to sleep.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gift from Grandma

Jake (L) and Anderson (R)

Having a snack.

Anderson James

Jake Thomas

The boys got a great new gift from Grandma last week...their first table with chairs. They love climbing up and down on the chairs and sitting like "big boys". We tried a snack at the table this morning. Anderson sat and ate his whole snack at the table. Jake was more of a challenge, but he did pretty well considering this was his first time not being locked down.

Jake climbed out of his crib again this morning. I woke up to the sound of pitter patter footsteps...lovely. We are going to try and push his crib into the corner of his room facing backwards. That way the highest part of the crib is outward, 2 sides will be up against the wall the third side will have his dresser butted up against it. It's going to totally look ridiculous but at this point we need to at least try before we have to go out and spend 250 dollars for a new crib and a crib tent. Jake will be sleeping in a sort of fortress. I have to say, I'm impressed with his physical skills. Not to mention his strong desire to get the job done.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jake's revenge

The impossible happened yesterday. I still can't believe I witnessed what I did. Jake has been giving us hell the past few days at naptime and bedtime. This is completely out of character for our sweet and docile Jakey. Yesterday it hit an all time high with a full out temper tantrum with wheezing and complete delirium on his part. We both went into his room several times to comfort him, rub his back and gently but firmly tell him it was time for a nap. After an hour of craziness he finally fell asleep. Fast forward 50 minutes and he is at it again. I decide 50 minutes is better than nothing so I go to take him out of his crib. He continues to tantrum, try and wiggle from my grip and scream. I set him on the floor and we watch him roll around in hysteria. Not even Sesame Street could calm this little guy down. I decide he's obviously still tired and decide to put him back into the crib with his books so hopefully he will either fall back asleep OR settle down looking at books.

Five minutes after I put him back in his room he settles. Then I hear him babbling, only it sounds much more clear and louder than his cries did. It crosses my mind that he possibly got out of his crib, but there is no way. No way is he capable of climbing out of his crib. I go to check on him and I'm shocked when I open the door to see little Jake on the floor of his room, quietly and contently looking at his books. Somehow he managed to crawl out and not land on his head. Did I mention how pleased he was with himself?

Now what? There is no way he is ready for a bed, he would NEVER stay put so that is out. We can't buy a crib tent because they only fit standard cribs and there is no way to jimmy rig it with the crib we have. So basically our only option is to buy a new crib and get a crib tent. For now his crib is surrounded by pillows and we're on high alert to try and prevent it from happening again. I'm afraid if it happens again we are going to be crib shopping for a third crib and that just seems ridiculous.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who needs a million dollars?

I know I don't.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

You never know what you're gonna get

Claire all gussied up right before she headed on stage.

Jake sportin his new do

Anderson loved the spikey spike hair he got

Jake running around with his ba-ooon

Anderson enjoying his balloon as well

The boys had a very busy and fun Saturday. We started the day off at Great Lakes Crossing to see Claire in a fashion show. She recently made the Disney dance team and today she had her first event. Radio Disney hosted a back to school fashion show and Claire got to walk the runway. She did a great job and the boys loved watching her on stage. When we got home Jake was in the corner doing his business when all of sudden he announced "poo poo"! We were so excited and proud. The boys have showed ZERO readiness for potty training so this was a big step in the right direction. Not to mention we can now add "poo poo" to Jake's list of words.

In the afternoon, after the boys napped we headed to Partridge Creek for some outdoor shopping. The boys really enjoy the play area there and watching the big kids run through the water fountains. Anderson and Jake were in great spirits so we decided to push our luck and go to dinner. Dare I say, the boys were freakishly good. The food landed in all the right places, they ate like absolute pigs, and flirted with all the waitresses. We ordered them some mostacoli which was enough for a 12 year old boy....gone. I offered them each a quarter of my hamburger...gone, 4 pickles....gone, mandarin oranges....gone! As we started to clean up, Jake grabs the rest of my hamburger and eats that all up. We actually had to cut him off for fear he was going to make himself sick!

After a phenomenal dinner we pushed our luck even further and took them for haircuts. Anderson generally sits very well for haircuts and Jake usually spazes anyways so we thought what the hey. Anderson was a champ during his haircut and Jake did pretty well himself. Today made all those pull your hair out days worth it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The newest family member

We picked up our newest family member this afternoon. A 2008 Ford Edge in Dark Ink Blue (not seen above). The lease on my Trailblazer was going to be up in October so it was getting close to time. It was sad to say goodbye to that car, not because I loved it but because it was what we brought our bubbies home in. Kevin and I have been arm wrestling over the prospect of a mini-van, but I'm still just too damn vain for one. He was disapointed but his disapointment quickly dissapated after a short ride in the new car. The best part of the whole deal, aside from the fact that they are making our last payment on the old car, is that we turned ours in on empty and picked the new one up on FULL!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What you are up to...19.5 months

Time for an update on the boys for the boys...


Oh, my sweet Anders you have been very busy pushing the envelope... and might I add that you push persistently and hard! The terrible twos have arrived early and you have the stage mastered. Right now your main focus is your independence. You want to do everything by yourself and prove just how crafty you are. You have been demanding a spoon with every meal and although you can fill the spoon up with ease you are lucky if one noodle makes it into your mouth. And you don't want any help. Twice this week your Daddy or I have had to take you out of a restaurant to wait in the car. One minute you seem content and happy and the next minute you are screaming and throwing your food on the floor. I wish I knew how to help you to ease your frustration. It is clear you want to communicate and express yourself to us but just don't yet have the right words you need.

Daddy and I made a list the other day of the words you use and right now you have about 25 words. Your comprehension is excellent, you understand everything we tell you. You help me around the house with many things like picking up the toys, folding the towels, swiffering the floors and even wiping your dried up milk spills off the couch. One of my most favorite things you do is ask for me in the mornings when you wake up. My heart swells when I hear "Mama? Mama?" coming from your crib. When I come to get you, you squeeze me so tight and I can feel the love in your heart.

Lately you've been my cow's tail. Always wanting to follow me around, mimic my actions, and cuddle with me. Your favorite activities lately are kicking around your ball, putting your blocks in the right shaped holes, and as always reading books. You get so excited when you know we are going to meet Daddy for lunch, chattering away the whole car ride there about "DA-DEEEE". You continue to be such a friendly little guy to people you meet. Even saying "hi" to the people working the drive thru windows.

You are a bright, clever, mischievous, spirited, strong willed and loving boy. You are so loved.


Jake you are your Daddy in every way possible. Your easy going nature makes you an absolute joy to be around. You are a peace maker and always willing to compromise. It is rare that you lose your temper and when you do you quickly want to "make nice" and smooth things over.

You love to run, climb and dance. You proudly show us how you can dance like the Wiggles, swing your arm and trumpet like an elephant, or stand on your head. Lately you've been obsessed with climbing up the steps at the park and trying to walk down them. You've taken a few spills from your daredevilish ways but that never discourages you. You pop right back up and start again.

You use about 15 words right now but like your brother, you can comprehend very well. You are a tad more quiet than your brother, shying away from the spotlight. You are content to play alone but happy to interact with others. You used to cry when Anderson took a toy away from you but now you boldly push him away and take it back. Your toys are so important to you, you literally will play with every toy you have and you do it like its your job. You are able to turn on all your toys, push all the buttons, and you love to turn them upside down to try and figure out how they work.

One of my most favorite things you do is surprise us with hugs and kisses when we least expect it. You often sneak up behind me, lay your head on the nape of my neck and say "awww". You are a loving, gentle and inquisitive soul that melts the hearts of Daddy and I. We love you so much Jakey.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Corny excitement

I received an email today that the sewing project I submitted to SewMamaSew would be on their website. I'm so excited that something I made was actually worth showing other people! Here it is

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A celebrity in our midst at the Zoo

Checking out the lemurs

Showing Grant the Elephant statue


Clowning around with Grant

On our way to the Polar Bear exhibit

We had another zoo day today. This was their third trip and probably their most favorite thus far. My sister, Tina, and big cousin Grant joined us. The boys seem to idolize Grant, watching his every move and hoping he will interact with them. They enjoy feeding Grant, kissing him and being pushed around by him in the stroller. Anderson and Jake are definitely co-presidents of the Grant Fan Club.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Book Totes for A and J

Matching mini totes for the book worms

Yesterday Uncle Jared, the boys and I made a trip to Target. While I perusing the baby section I saw a crib bedding set that was 75% off. I had noticed it on previous visits and thought it was adorable, but obviously we have no need for a third crib bedding set. Then I saw they were selling a matching window panel for 3 dollars and I was thrilled. It is about 3 yards of fabric at a dollar a yard and that is a steal! Even the ugliest, oldest, dustiest fabric rolls at Jo-Anns are minimally 4 dollars a yard, usually the nice stuff is around 10. I'm ridiculously excited about the new unintended fabric I snatched up. So I quickly whipped up two mini totes for the boys for their library books and books that they like to take in the car. And I still have about 1.5 yards left!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Playdate with baby bruiser Simon

Jake, Simon and Anderson...Jodi hiding in back ready to handle any baby vs. toddler mishaps.
After all, at 7 weeks old Simon is already half the weight of the boys.

"One day we'll be BFFs Simon"

"Don't worry Simon, we'll teach you all the tricks you'll need to drive your Mom and Dad CRAZY!"

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Labor of Love

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Blanket

The backing is a soft minky fabric

The boys are absolutely crazy for The Very Hungry Caterpillar storybook. We read it at least 4 times a day and they have specific words that they like to say when I get to certain parts of the book like "pop" and "cocoon". It is precious to watch their faces light up and say those words as if they were the storytellers. Anderson and Jake never miss their cues.

So when I saw this fabulous Hungry Caterpillar fabric, I just knew I had to make them something from it. When the fabric arrived yesterday their eyes were huge in amazement and they couldn't stop pointing at the swiss cheese, cupcake, lollipop, etc... Jake repeated tatapillar over and over while Anderson insisted I tell him what each food item was. It was more sweet than the storybook itself.

This afternoon we made a trip to the fabric store and they helped me pick out some soft minky fabric for the back of their blankets. I spent their naptime and the past three hours cutting, piecing and sewing it all together. I only have one of them complete and knowing how well my bubbies "share", I'll be working hard to finish the second.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I've been working on this tote bag for a couple of days now. We have been taking the boys to the library a lot lately and we always struggle to carry all the board books they choose and their squirmy bodies out to the car. This bag should help cut back on some of the chaos of our trips.

Farmer's Market Trip

Ready to go to market in our wagon

Jake nibbling on his sample of fresh baked bread

Anderson enjoying his piece

The Farmer's Market

All my dreamboats together

We took Anderson and Jake to the Farmer's Market in Rochester this morning. The boys enjoyed a man playing his guitar and singing, the fresh bread they got to sample and seeing all the beautiful sunflower bunches that were for sale. After the market we stopped at Yates to check out the billy goats. Jake walked right up, put his little hand through the fence and started to pet the goats. Anderson cautiously stood behind him and watched his fearless big brother. Then both scattered in opposite directions to find mud puddles to fall into. What I wouldn't do for an occasional dull moment.

And the winner is....

The winner of the tote bag I made is........

Elizabeth (blueviolet) ! I will be sending you an email today Elizabeth so you can tell me where I'm sending the bag. A big thank you to all who mentioned my giveaway on their blog and left such sweet comments about my bubbies and the bag!