Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Anderson and Ashley

The trio
Sharing one toy between three babies is not easy.

Today Ashley came over for a playdate. Anderson smothered her several times with hugs and an occasional tackle. Jake played nice. The babies had a good time and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Most Lovely Afternoon

Anderson riding in the rocking chair.

Getting them both to look at the camera at the same time has become impossible.

Jake was mowing the carpet.

Anderson watching Daddy shovel the snow.

Jake practicing eating off of a plate....somewhat successfully

Lots to report from these parts..big, big, news! Over the weekend Anderson started to take some steps on his own. Every day since he has done it more often and more steadily. It's only a matter of time now. He has the confidence, now he just has to hone his craft. I've been trying for days to get it on video to no avail, so I think I'll just concentrate on a still shot.

Jake took some small steps today as well. He has been observing all the praise his brother has been getting and decided to give it a go. He's a little more unsure than Anderson is but we know he won't be too far behind.

This afternoon with the boys has left me smiling into the evening. Nothing huge happened, just a lovely afternoon of play, cuddling and laughter. They love when I let them play in their rooms, so we spent some time on Anderson's turf. They took rides in the rocking chair, looked out the window and enjoyed some major tickle time from Mommy. I. am. so . lucky.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Pics Part II

Mommy and Anderson

Future Rock Star...Jake

Anderson helping Grant open his gifts

Papa's b-day is this week as well so he opened his gift at the party

Playing at the party

Rock n Roll Birthday Bash

Claire lovin' on Anderson

Grant and Jake

Anders James

Jake Thomas

Me and the guest of honor

Today was the big party. Grant's newest interest is playing the guitar so the theme was Rock n' Roll. As soon as we pulled into the driveway Jake started to giggle. This is the second time he has shown that he knows whose house he is going to. It was so precious. The boys enjoyed hanging out with Grant and Claire, they ate chicken and carrots and even got a small taste of some frosting from the cake. When we sang "Happy Birthday" everyone clapped and a few seconds after that Anderson happily screamed and started clapping. His processing time is just a few seconds behind the group, it was very cute.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy doing a whole lot of NOTHING

Jake Thomas

Jake again

The sheared sheep eating spaghetti

Anderson James

Reading books with Daddy

I haven't had much free time to post lately. Life feels so busy but at the end of the day after the boys go to sleep I feel like I haven't accomplished a thing....besides nuturing and loving two precious human beings that is. At the moment, with the exception of Jake's runny nose, it would appear that we are all germ free. Hope I didn't just jinx us.

We took the boys for their second haircut on Monday. I didn't want to cut too much the first time so that resulted in needing another haircut 3.5 weeks later. So this time I told them to use the clippers and I'm now having buyer's remorse. They look like two little sheared sheep. I cut close to 6 inches off of my hair last month on my birthday and I've been regretting it everyday since, now I just tripled my hair woes. It's only hair, right?

This weekend we have Grant's 9th birthday party. NINE, whoa! I cannot believe my G-man is 9. It seems like yesterday that I was smothering his baby cheeks in kisses. Where does the time go and how do we slow it down?

I'll try and get some pictures up of my little sheared sheep before the end of the day. And we'll have lots of pics from Sunday's party coming soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cruisin Along

Mystery Solved

Looking innocent but as guilty as they come.

Waiting to dive in.

This morning at bathtime I noticed the floor was wet. The boys had just gotten in the tub, they hadn't started splashing yet so there was no way it was from them. We've had problems with our other bathtub leaking so I was annoyed that this one could be as well. Kevin checked the seal of the tub and everything looked fine. We sorta shrugged it off, we were still puzzled but since having the boys we say "oh well" pretty often. We went about our day and then tonight as I was looking at the pics we took earlier today I figured out the mystery. If you look closely at the first pic, Anderson is peeing on the floor. The poopy monster struck again.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm afraid to give another health report. I fear that soon people won't believe me anymore. This is no joke....Jake came down with the flu yesterday. Between the ear infection, rash and fever the poor baby has been to the dr's 3x's in one week. The rash was not a reaction to penicillin, it was roseola. Anderson is hanging in there, still has a runny nose and a case of the crankies. Not looking foward to another weekend of house arrest. I've been begging Kevin all week to pack up the car and head south to warm weather and a germ free environment. Perhaps a trip to the happiest place on Earth. I've been there many times and did not appreciate it as much as I now realize I should have. Michigan sucks but my babies still rock.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Close Enough

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rainforest and Rashes

The Gang

Anderson (L) and Jake (R)


Playing in some pretend spilled coke

Anderson and Ashley inside the cup.

Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

Today we met up with the Bennetts for a playdate. The babies spent some time playing in the mall's play area and then we did lunch at The Rainforest Cafe. This is only the second time that they have played at the mall and they absolutely love it. Generally I'm too germ-a-phobic to let them but I figure that strategy isn't working. Clearly. There happened to be another little boy around a year old wearing the same shirt as Jake. A lady asked Kevin if we had triplets. To which Kevin replied "no that's suicide". Not PC but honest nonetheless. After they were done playing and were disinfected by me we headed to lunch.

They were a little unsure about all the activity at the resteraunt. They definitely liked the fish in the giant aquarium and they liked the rain showers as well. The monkeys and elephants made them a little nervous but as long as Mommy and Daddy were nearby things were okay. Jake ate his lunch but Anderson was a little too distracted to eat very much. Towards the end of lunch I took Jake for a diaper change and lo and behold he had a rash all over his little body. I couldn't believe it, I just kept repeating "not again" over and over in my head. UNBELIEVEABLE! So we quickly packed up our things, brought the boys home and took a closer look at little baby Jake. It was obvious he had a rash (check) so off to urgent care he went. Turns out it is a reaction to the amoxicillin he has been taking for his ear infection. So he has been prescribed a new medication and I need to call his peditrician first thing in the morning.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Our New Toy

Maclaren Twin Triumph

Chunky Monkeys riding around the house

We got a fun new toy! A Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller. Back in April we purchased a Peg Perego Aria stroller but my chunky monkeys have gotten so plump that I just couldn't steer it anymore. Not the fault of the chunky monkeys, just poor design of an overpriced stroller. Live, learn and next time read consumer reports. For months now we've been cruisin around in our front/back duo glider but that is no fun when you are best buds like Anderson and Jake. So they are back in business, side by side, ready to poke, pinch, and bite one another and steal snacks from eachother. Tomorrow we will be meeting up with our friend baby Ashley at the Rainforest Cafe so we'll be able to take our new wheels out for a spin.
Health Update: Anderson had a fever for 3 days and it finally broke today. He is doing much better but his nose continues to drip like a faucet. Jake is doing great, as soon as he got on meds for the ear infection there has been no problems. I'm hoping he doesn't catch Anderson's bug but that isn't very likely considering they drool and suck on the same toys all day long. Kevin is healthy and I am dealing with a terrible head cold. My face hurts and aches from all the sinus pressure. I can't wait for the flu season to be over.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Bath Time Bubbies





Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is what sick looks like

Awww Jakey

Poor Anders

Mommy trying to make the babies feel better with some grapes and Teletubbies.

We are sick...AGAIN! Stomach flu (check), Croup (check), Severe head colds (check), the newest ailments on our resume, ear infections (check), good ole regular flu (check). Kevin went to the dr. on Monday to find out he had the flu. I mean hey, why not? We haven't done that one yet. On Tuesday Jake woke up from his nap screaming, I immediately took him to the dr. to find out he had an ear infection. Yesterday Anderson developed a fever. I couldn't get in at the dr.'s so I took him to pediatric urgent care only to sit there for two hours and not have anyone do anything for us. Oh wait, they took his temp but the allusive dr. never showed up. I ended up leaving and driving home in the most treacherous snow conditions I have ever driven in only to turn around this morning and take him to the dr.'s. Turns out the poor guy has caught his Daddy's flu bug. As I type I feel achey all over so I guess I'm next in line. The boys were supposed to have their one year professional pics taken last month but they were so sick we had to reschedule...for this Saturday. That's not happening so I had to flake out on the poor photographer AGAIN. Our one year pics are quickly turning into 15 month pics at this rate. If you haven't noticed, woe is me.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How much wood can a woodchuck, I mean baby, chuck?

Oh good once beautiful and new wordly possesions are slowly eroding. You may remember that Kevin and I spent a small fortune on the boys' furniture. Their cribs convert to double beds so they are meant to last a LONG, LONG time. It would appear that Anderson and Jake are intentionally sabotaging that plan. Both of them, unbeknownst to the other, are slowly eating away at their furniture. They have chewed it to pieces, it looks like someone took a pickax to the crib.

It doesn't stop there, they have managed to spit up or puke on every square inch of the living room carpet...that will need to be replaced. They have banged up my beloved side tables, a special order from down South that I waited 5 months for, and have managed to leave permanent greasy finger stains on countless kitchen cabinets. I scrub, apply touch ups, and even Uncle Jared has steam vacummed the floors but alas it is a futile effort. I'm waving the white flag. I officially surrender to the fact that my mini musuem has officially evolved into a home. I guess its not THAT bad of a thing.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Pics buds



No one wants to sit still for pictures.