Sunday, December 14, 2008

Festivus for the rest of us 2008

Tina and Claire

Jared, Brian, Tina and Claire

Even though we vowed last year that we would only do a Christmas cookie day every other year due to the underestimated immense amount of work it is....we did again. It was more of a debocle than last years cookie making. First we were short on dough, then we compensated too much and had more dough than we knew what to do with. We botched the frosting recipe making it too runny so now the cookies must be refridgerated and eaten before they reach room temp. Last but not least we ran out of time. There are two dozen cookies in my freezer that never got frosted because everyone ran out of steam and wanted to eat dinner.
Then came the fun part. Clean up the huge mess from the cookies, set up for dinner, make dinner, clean up dinner, and finally divide and package up the cookies. Thankfully I have a wonderful sister and cousin who don't disapear when the fun is over and between the three of us we managed to pull it all off. In the end it was a nice afternoon with family, we have tons of yummy cookies that can't be eaten above room temp and my kitchen is once again recognizable.

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