Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day Evening

Jake and I

Cousin Brittany "taking care" of the boys... Somehow I missed the
jumping the furniture (gulp)

Brian, myself and J-Dog

Brittany and her new admirer Jake

After the boys napped on Christmas Day we headed over to the Guitar Family Christmas. I just love the Guitar Family get together. It is always loud and usually my face hurts by the end of the night from all the laughing. We had so much good food, the amount of desserts were ridiculous, and all the cousins got reaquainted.
Anderson and Jake are much younger than my cousin's children. They range from ages 7-19 and then their is Anderson and Jake. I have cousins that are 5-7 years older than me and cousins that are 4-7 years younger than me, but no one my age. So that explains the age gap. The younger cousins haven't added to the brood yet. Regardless of the age difference the cousins were so excited about the boys, led them around by the hand, played with them and it allowed Kevin and I to enjoy ourselves rather than chase the boys around.

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