Friday, December 29, 2006

Time's Up!

The babies are coming next Wednesday, January 3rd! Everything at today's appointment was good, our dr. said at this point it's looking as though the babies are going to need some encouragement to enter the world so we have an induction scheduled for next Wednesday at 10 a.m. When we arrive at labor and delivery they will do an ultrasound to check on the babies positions and decide at that time if it will be a c-section or an induction. If it's a c-section then the babies will be born by early afternoon, if its not they probably won't be born till late that evening. The nurse said an induction usually takes 12 hours from start to finish.

We are going to spend the next few days cleaning, grocery shopping, and assembling some last minute stuff so that all is prepared and organized when we bring our little guys home. Unfortunately Kevin has come down with a cold/sinus problem so he just headed to the dr's office to hopefully get some medicine so that everything clears up by the time the babies arrive. I'm just hoping I don't catch it too!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our last Christmas as kids

Kevin and I referred to this Christmas as our last as kids knowing that next year will be much different. We had a busy holiday traveling to one house to another to visit with all of our family. The boys recieved some wonderful Christmas presents, lots of clothes, toys, books, and tike bikes.

At our last dr.'s appointment last Friday our dr. said that if the boys haven't made their arrival by this Friday we will start to discuss a plan of action. This may mean scheduling an induction but our dr. said he would rather the boys come on their own. Sometimes that just doesn't happen and he said there becomes a point when they are better off out in the world. So we are anxious to hear what he will say on Friday. Its starting to look like they will be January babies and we were pretty convinced that they were going to be December babies. Hope our parental instincts start to sharpen up a bit!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Waiting on hold

Since being released from strict bedrest I have been getting out a little. So far I have been carted around in a wheelchair at Michaels, Target and Kohls. I feel a bit foolish making Kevin, my mom or Jared push me around but I don't have much of a choice. I have been out to eat quite a bit, trying to make up for lost time. Kevin is sick of doing all the cooking and I just don't have the stamina to do it.

Today is my last day on the medication to keep my contractions at bay. I started to wean off of them yesterday so we are anxious to see what is going to happen. I would love to make it another week or two, the longer the boys stay put the better it will be for them and honestly I'm going to miss being pregnant. This will most likely be our only pregnancy and I'm starting to get sad that this short phase of our life is almost over. I would like to have three children but for now Kevin says two is enough for him.

Despite the stressful couple of months we experienced I really loved being pregnant. Kevin and I had so much fun experiencing the pregnancy together, preparing for the boys arrival and anticipating how our lives are going to change. So we are trying to enjoy every last minute of this experience because we know the end is near and our lives as we know it will never be the same. No more sleeping in and laying around all day, no more vacations on a whim or frivilous spending just because but that's alright with us! We are looking forward to our new lives with the boys and if we happen to get a little sleep along the way that will be a bonus.

Friday, December 15, 2006

34 weeks!

Finally, we have reached 34 weeks! Kevin and I are extremely excited to have finally reached this milestone. We had an appointment today and it was good news all around. The babies are looking good and are still doing well so that is most important. The dr. has decided that starting on Tuesday I will begin to wean off the meds that I have been taking for my contractions and as of today I can resume some limited activity! I'm allowed to go out to eat or go to someone's house for a visit. I can't go shopping or anything but that is fine because I wouldn't physically be able to anyways. I got so exhausted today just from going out to dinner so I know there is no way I'd be able to hit up the mall.

To celebrate my new freedom we met my cousin Jared for dinner at Don Pablos. Never have I appreciated a dinner out like I did today! Its been almost 12 weeks since I've been allowed to go anywhere and it was so nice to get out of the house and go somewhere besides the dr's office.

So the plan right now is to just let nature take its course and wait for our twins to decide they are ready to come out and meet everyone. I suspect that once I stop my meds next week that it will only be a few days before labor starts. Even on the meds I still get strong contractions that get more frequent when I'm due for my next dose of medication. They usually subside after I take the medicine so I'm guessing without the medication I will be contracting quite a bit.

Kevin set up a baby pool where people can guess the arrival date of the twins as well has thier stats. You can click on the link he set up on the top left of the page. You don't need to register or anything, you should be able just to make your guesses.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some Pictures

Kevin on his 29th birthday!

My scary belly on Kevin's 29th birthday. 33 weeks pregnant with twins.

Claire and Uncle opening gifts.

Claire and Grant playing with Lucy the puppy.

Sorry for not updating lately. I have some recent belly pics and some pictures from Kevin's birthday I would like to post but I'm waiting on Kevin to do that for me on our desktop. We had another non-stress test yesterday, everything looked perfect. The boys were kicking like crazy and their heartrates were good. I had a couple contractions that were normal the tech told us. We see the dr. on Friday, I'm looking forward to that and finding out what he says about bedrest.

Kevin turned 29 on Sunday. He celebrated by taking a trip to the casino on Friday with friends and on Sunday we celebrated with family at our house. Kevin's sister Sara brought over her puppy, Lucy, and everyone loved playing with her...especially Grant and Claire.

We are starting to get super excited about the boys arrival. We already were excited and the feelings are growing each day. Kevin has installed the carseats so they are ready to go, this weekend he is going to assemble the bouncy seats, swings and a few other things we'll be needing shortly after they come home. My bag and the babies bag are packed for the hospital. I still can't believe I have two babies inside of me that will be here in just a few short weeks or sooner! Kevin made me laugh yesterday, he said that the babies are done cooking, all we need to do is let them brown up a little.

Friday, December 08, 2006

33 week update

We had an ultrasound and non-stress test today. Both went great! The babies are now measuring 5lbs 7oz and 5lbs 4oz. So I'm lugging around close to 11 lbs. in babies. Their fluid levels look good as well as the bloodflow in their umbilical cords.

At the non-stress test one of the babies had the hiccups making it difficult for the tech to monitor his heartrate. I have mentioned to Kevin a couple of times lately that I thought one or the other might be having hiccups and I guess I was right. After about 10 minutes or so she was able to get a good reading despite his hiccups. Both babies heartrates and movements looked good during the test but I had a monstrous contraction, it hurt like mad, and several smaller ones. There is no cause for concern at this point but there was definitely more contractions today than there has been at past non-stress tests.

One more week to go before we finally reach the dr.'s goal of 34 weeks! I'm just astonished that we made it this far considering the pre-term labor scare and the just about non-existent cervix. When that happened at 27 weeks I really thought we'd be lucky to go 2 more weeks, now it has been 6! I guess strict bedrest really does work to help keep the babies safe and on the inside. My next appointment with the dr. is a week from today. I'll know more at that point about whether or not I can stop the medication I am on and come off of strict bedrest. Right now my guess is these babies are coming around 35 weeks and Kevin is confident we will make it to 36 weeks. Either way it looks like our boys will probably be here sometime before the end of the month!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The nursery