Wednesday, December 03, 2008

23 months old today !

Our Christmas tree

I love these present bags! Very well made, great personalization and only 7.99 with free shipping!

The new toy chest.

Much less of an eye sore than the former toy holder...the changing table.

The boys turned 23 months today. We took them out to dinner to celebrate and they were great. Anderson ate till his tummy distended and turned hard....Kevin was actually worried. You know it had to be a buddah belly if Kevin took note.

Yesterday we had a busy evening. Last week we ordered a leather storage bench and it arrived yesterday. We ordered it because I am so tired of looking at the changing table/toy shelf in our living room. It was such an eye sore and after two years I was finally coming to terms with the fact that the toys aren't going away. They are here to stay and they live in our living room. They are big, ugly, obnoxiously colorful and stubbornly obtuse.

The leather bench is huge, which is great. I can stuff lots of junk in there in a pinch and we've also added some seating in the living room. Once we had the bench set up, we purged through the toys on the changing table. The changing table is now residing in Jake's room and with any luck will be bought off of Craigs list this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Once that was all settled we finally had some room to put up our Christmas tree. The boys were bulls in a china shop. They managed to break one oranament, pull several apart. and Jake was chucking them around the room like a baseball. The funniest part is that they don't even think to touch the presents underneath the tree. I noticed last week at Claire's birthday party they never touched her presents. Let's hope they don't figure things out before Christmas.

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