Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas Crap

As I mentioned in my last post, poor Anders went to the dr. the day after Christmas and was diagnosed with an ear infection. The next day, Saturday, Jake woke up from his nap with a fever.

Deja vu

The peditrician wasn't open that late on Saturday so I took him to urgent care knowing full well he must have an ear infection as well. He did. Both guys are so incredibly congested and when you can't/won't blow your nose, the drainage has no where else to go but to back up into the ear. Using the bulb syringe is just completely out of the question with these guys. They ain't havin it.

So for the past couple of days everyone has been on amoxicillian and Anderson made a quick turn around. He is doing much better, playing and in good spirits. He's still living on blueberries and popcorn but he is okay.

Jake on the other hand is miserable. Today was one of his worst days in recent memory. He was such a crank monster. He couldn't compose himself for more than 10 minutes at a time today. He was having unpredictable and inexplicable meltdowns over only god knows what...cause I couldn't figure it out. The most disturbing part was that he couldn't stop coughing and with all his hysterical crying it was one vicious circle. He was constantly coughing, I tried vicks, lots of water, the binky and even gave him some raspberry green tea (which he liked) but none of it worked. His naptime was a disaster because he couldn't get a wink of sleep in due to the coughing which only compounded the problem. Finally we decided he needed to go back to the dr. if only for some piece of mind for Mom and Dad. We were told "its just a cold".

All I can say is they better be right. My mom anxiety is through the roof right now over my little guy's suffering. Heads will roll if it turns out to be more than that.

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