Monday, June 02, 2008

We're back

Brian, me and Jared at Barefoot Beach

Kev and I before dinner. The view from the condo is behind us.

The pool

Jared and I at the pier in Downtown Fort Myers Beach

Sunset from the pier

Kevin and I got back late last night. We contemplated waking up the bubbies because we were SO lonesome for them but we decided not to. As soon as I heard some noise this morning I jumped out of bed and snatched up Jake. It was an hour earlier than his normal wake up time but I didn't care. He was happy to see us and chattered on and on for a good 10 minutes straight. He is our quiet guy so it was so cute to hear him tell us stories about what happened when we were gone. It wasn't long before Anderson woke up so I was off to smother him with hugs and kisses. I went into his bedroom and when he saw me he rolled onto his tummy and buried his face in the matress. He was smiling ear to ear and acting like a shy guy. He held on for dear life to me for the next hour.

We had a great time in Florida but of course I felt like I left my heart at home. It was a good thing we flew because if I had a car I would've wanted to drive home to see them. We hung out at the pool which was awesome because we were the only ones there! The snowbirds had all gone home for the season leaving us paradise all to ourselves. We spent time at the beach, hit up the outlets and did some nature hiking at Lover's Key State Park. It was nice to spend time alone with Kevin and escape for a short time.

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