Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Crafting

My latest project, patchwork placemats

The boys bathroom before...

and after.

Tailored to their liking...BUBBLES!

It's been a busy couple of days. Above are the before and after pics of Anderson and Jake's bathroom. Before it was still crappy builders paint with deep purple bathroom accessories. They were lovely enough but too formal for little boys. I actually sold them on Craigslist. My family laughed at me and said no one would ever buy my bath rugs, towels and shower curtain but someone did! Within 36 hours it was out of my house and in the hands of a family of 8! The boys love bubbles so I thought the new shower curtain would be perfect and what little boy wouldn't like a monkey rug?

I started a new sewing project using this tutorial.

I followed it to a tee but still ended up with uneven measurements and many mistakes along the way. Looks like I'll have to put some napkins in a ring on top of them to hide the flaws. Another expensive lesson learned.

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