Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Picaso

Anderson's Masterpiece
"We've got ears, say CHEERS!"
I bought the boys their first coloring book yesterday. A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring book. I would've have never guessed that Anderson would spend 30 minutes coloring with no end in sight. It was as if he had been coloring for years. He casually perused the pages until he found one he fancied and then proceeded to fill it with color. Although he has a strong preference for blue, he would often change colors to create interest. I think he colored all but 5 pages in a 30 page coloring book.
Jake on the other hand....well he was just too busy mowing the carpet to partake in the fun. He's all business. Occasionally he would wander over and show Anderson how it was done but the minute Mommy tried to give him some guidance he was outta there.
**I just got the call while blogging that Anderson and Jake's long awaited future playmate was born this evening. Welcome to the world Simon!

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