Saturday, June 21, 2008

Country Fair

Checking out the goats.

One of the cows was "MOOing" really loud and scared Anderson.

Family Pic

Jake petting the mini-horse.

Baa'ing at the sheep.

We took the boys to the Country Fair today at Wolcott Mill Park. We dressed them in their farm duds and they made extremely cute mini-hillbillies. It was a tractor pullin, candle dippin, yee haw time. We weren't sure what to expect but it turned out to be a great time for Anderson and Jake. We were there as soon as they opened so when I saw that the moonwalk was empty I thought it would be fun to let the boys jump before all the "big" kids arrived. I went in to bounce with them and show them what to do. The three of us were having a great time until the freakin thing collasped and deflated on top of us. I won't go into too much detail because I am still reeling from it but imagine watching your babies sinking and disapearing into a pile of heavy nylon material.

It came down so suddenly that I was only able to snatch up Jake and for almost a minute in a half I was unable to reach a terrified and screaming Anderson who was buried in this deathtrap. It was virtually impossible for me to keep it above our heads so we could breathe and get both my precious boys to saftey. I don't know how I managed, that part is all a blur, but I was able to find the tiny slit that is the exit and get us out. Meanwhile the person in charge of the thing never called for help and no one in the vicinity came over to help Kevin, Grandma, or Grandpa get us out.

Despite that awful incident, the boys recovered quickly and really had a good time. They loved the animals and being free to walk and roam the farm. They got to pet a mini-horse and a baby chicken. We took a horse drawn wagon ride and bought some locally made maple syrup.

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