Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wild Things

Someone must have read yesterday's post to the boys because the little angels I bragged about checked out today. Whoa Nelly, were they pistols today. It started with a very brief morning nap...nothing good ever comes out of that. Then the ball started rolling, we went to Costco and sampled some berries with whipped cream. When the berries were gone both of them started screaming, I mean can you blame them? Half a dixie cup of a tasty treat is kinda cruel. Then I walked away to go order some food from the cafeteria area and they screamed again. Since we've been back they have both been showing some distress when Kevin and I leave the room...shh, I LOVE IT!

And the final hoorah came while we were eating. Jake had a meltdown over the vending machine flashing green lights where you insert your dollar. At first he was just nervous about it, then he began to become scared when it wouldn't stop, then he knocked his shoe off from kicking his legs so much. Once the shoe fell off there was no going back. Kevin and I suck in situations like this because it happens so rarely. We were stumbling over eachother trying to pack up our crap, console Jake, and finish feeding Anderson so we could get the hell out of dodge. Of course the dipsh!t checking our reciept at the door was taking her good ole time to inspect our cart. Meanwhile Anderson is full of piss and vinegar now and both of them are trying to wrestle themselves out of our arms. When we go to the car it was time to pull out the big guns. The pacies. The boys NEVER get their pacies unless they are in their cribs and sleeping but to hell with that rule. I was happy and relieved to break it for it brought us instant calm.

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