Saturday, June 28, 2008

Field Trip to Cranbrook Institute of Science

Having fun at a hands on exhibit.

Daddy and Anderson coloring pictures of bats.

Not afraid of the big T-Rex above their heads.

Feeding Dinosaurs is not permitted.

We took the boys to Cranbrook this afternoon. Cranbrook is such a beautiful place! The science institute isn't the greatest in the world, but the grounds, gardens and campus are just awesome. I think the best part is the drive we took afterwards to see where the students and faculty live. Kevin said it reminded him of Hogwarts. It is difficult to imagine that people send their children there to go to school and to live. I'm not even sure that Anderson and Jake can go away to college yet! Kindergarten Tuition at Cranbrook is 17, 000 dollars. No, that is not a typo. To live on campus and attend school there in grades 9-12 is 33,000 dollars A YEAR!

The boys enjoyed the museum and seeing the dinosaurs. They had a special bat exhibit with live bats. That was creepy and gross but the boys enjoyed watching them fly and hang upside down. We even got to watch as one of the bats pee'd on the handler...that was a tad uncomfy. Anderson and Jake earned a gold star for behavior. They listened well, didn't fuss about riding in their stroller, and had a great time exploring a new place.

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