Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer's Here!

We had our annual neighborhood garage sale that started yesterday and continues through tomorrow. Things were looking pretty optimistic in the first 2 hours yesterday, I was selling some stuff I thought I would have to pay people to take away. Later in the afternoon it was a lot slower, very few people coming through most of whom didn't need baby stuff. I set up today and was hoping for a good turnout like yesterday morning but it turned out to be a HUGE bust! I made 8 dollars today. By noon I was hot and cranky and ready to call it quits. Kevin and I lugged it all back into the house and now its all up on Craigs list.

There was some good that came of it all. We set up the boys pool and they had a riot splashing around. Of course a nuclear meltdown occured when the fun came to an end.

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