Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Okay, this isn't funny anymore

Let's see, 2 weeks ago on Monday Kevin came down with the stomach flu. Two days later Jake got a severe cold/croup, two days after that Anderson came down with the same thing. Since then they have made slow improvement but still have runny noses and coughs. This past Friday Kevin came down with the same severe cold as the boys and wouldn't you know it on Monday I got the stomach flu! It's not done just yet...oh no! Today Anderson has thrown up twice! I put the call in to Uncle Jared to come and save the day because I still feel like garbage but dammit he's sick too! This is insane...the McBrides were all sick last week, my parents are both currently sick and Kevin's poor Mom who has helped us out the past two days since I came down with the stomach flu will probably end up sick on the vacation she is about to leave on. So sorry Grandma, hope that doesn't happen!

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Colleen & Bill said...

OH NO!!!!
We were there at this EXACT time last year! Just waiting for it to hit here again soon too. Feel better and I FEEL your pain!!!!