Thursday, January 17, 2008

Like Father like Sons

Frat boy...Anderson James

Wing man...Jake Thomas

Blueberry hysteria

All gone but not all done.
Kevin is a big fan of blueberries. He particulary likes to eat them frozen. We recently bought a three pound bag of blueberries for Kevin but it's looking like he is going to have to share. I made some blueberry french toast bake today and gave the boys some blueberries. I sat Jake down first and gave him a pretty generous helping of blueberries. I immediately went to get Anderson and noticed he had a stinky diaper so I was going to have to change him before he could eat. It maybe took me 3 minutes. I took Anderson into the kitchen, looked down at Jake and saw the blueberries were gone! I checked the floor because that is were fifty percent of the food lands but to my surprise not a single blueberry hit the floor. Little Jake had eaten all his blueberries in three minutes flat. Anderson did not disapoint either. Once he got a taste of those berries there was no stopping him.

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