Sunday, January 06, 2008

Coming up for air

The basement party pad.

Awww, sweet little one year olds. Jake (L) Anderson (R)

Singing Happy Birthday.

We did it! Kevin and I actually pulled off a successful kid's birthday party. In the days leading up to it we kept saying we felt too young to be doing such an "adult" thing like planning a birthday party for two babies. Nevermind the fact that 32 is only 4 days away for me. The party went great, we invited around 60 people and we had around 40 come. The menu was pasta, meatballs, cheesy taters, chicken wings, veggies/dip, taco dip, cocktail wieners (gotta have those at a party) cheese and crackers and lots of other yummy snacks. The boys enjoyed sharing their playroom with all the little ones that were there. At one point we had five babies under a year of age, not to mention all the big kids that were there. By 6:00 the boys started to cross over to the "get me outta here" stage and we brought them upstairs, gave them their bottles and off to sleep they went. They were a little cranky this morning but that might have been because we TRIED (unsuccessfully) switching out their morning bottles for a sippy cup...they weren't having it. Better luck next time suckers.

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