Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anderson's Turn

Time for a post that is all about cuddle bug. Anderson is a lover and flirt, there is no way around that. He enjoys cuddling, kisses, and hugs....and he wants them often! Whenever we take him out of his crib he squeezes us tight around the neck and gives us a big hug. He will put his arms around Jake, go cheek to cheek with him and say "awww". Out in public Anderson is always on the hunt for someone to engage with. He waves and smiles at strangers always hoping someone will give him some attention and tell him what a cutie pie he is. He eats it all up and loves every minute of it.

Anderson loves his books. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is currently his favorite book. I have showed him how to point to all the animals and likes to do that over and over again. He loves magazines that that mailman brings, especially the ones with babies in them. Anderson doesn't like to play alone like Jake does. He prefers to have someone with him, talking to him and playing with him. If he is feeling neglected well then WATCH OUT! He has mastered how to express himself without talking. He can pitch a fit like no one's business. If I am folding towels, eating, or trying to do something else besides tend to Anderson he will sabotage it to the best of his ability. He will unfold my towels, climb on my lap and demand my attention. Much like Jake's begging for scraps, it's annoyingly cute as well.

Anderson is a very fast learner. He pretends to talk on the phone, knows where his head and sometimes his nose is, plays pat a cake, waves, gives eskimo kisses, claps, dances and does "so big". He likes to put blocks in their container when I show him the correct shape hole to use. He isn't as big of an eater as his brother. He is a little more finicky. He LOVES his yogurt, fruit grain bars and could eat an entire container of gerber puffs if you let him.

Anderson is a dream when it comes to sleep. He loves to joke! He gets excited about going in his crib, squeezing his bear and settling in to snooze. He rarely fusses, naps twice a day for about an hour and a half and sleeps from 6 to 6 like Jake. He is a sweet baby with a big, big heart!

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