Saturday, January 12, 2008

6 days since it started and still sick..

Peek a boo
We love our penguin towels!

Yummy eggs and toast

Jake Thomas

Another hell of a day around these parts. Anderson woke up congested and coughing but no fever as of yet. Both little stinkers refused to take a morning nap but definitely needed one! When afternoon rolled around they both went down for naps and a half hour into it the dang cable guy showed up and unfortunately had no idea what an "inside voice" was. They both started crying from waking due to pure exhaustion and the cable guy continued to make loud phone calls, slam our doors, and yell from across the house. As you can imagine the boys were unable to nap.

So to top things off tonight after putting them to bed I hear Anderson fussing and whining in his crib. I go in to check on him and smell this awful stomach turning smell. The poor bubbie had thrown up everywhere. His lovey was covered in yuck, his bedding was soiled and his jammies weren't spared either. So out he came while I changed his bedding and jammies. He seemed unaffected by it all which I guess is good. Right now I've got his monitor cranked listening for any little sound out of the ordinary. Fingers crossed that we've now seen the worse of it.

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