Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fun with a box

Tight Fit

Jake takes a turn as Anderson tried to close him in.

Hi there.

Sweetie Pies

We are finally getting around to opening some Christmas gifts and unpacking their contents. Finding room for all the new stuff has been a challenge. However the boys are loving every minute of exploring the new boxes. Tonight they helped me unpack my new pyrex and made good use of the empty box.

Poor Daddy came down with the stomach flu yesterday so we are all on baited breath waiting to see who it might strike next. Claire had it too so I'm convinced someone brought it to the birthday party. So far so good with the boys. There is no sign of anything sinister. I, on the other hand, feel paranoid after last February's hospital stay for the "maybe its rotavirus, maybe it's an infection from surgery" debacle I experienced. I'm almost positive that I had the rotavirus stomach flu and it was one of the worst experiences ever! So naturally I've been microanalyzing every little symptom I may or may not be having. In the meantime I am fumigating the entire house by wiping down everything with my handy antibacterial clorox wipes.

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