Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jake Thomas

Time for a post that's all about Jake Thomas. Jake's favorites right now are food and toys. Little man Jake LOVES his toys and he can endlessly play with them. When we get him from his crib in the morning and bring him out into the living room he crawls right over to his toys and begins to play. He likes books, cars, his pretend laptop, and his little people toys. He is a master at putting blocks in their container, turning the pages of a book and sending the cars down the track.

Meal time is a happy time for Jake. He will gladly eat whatever is placed in front of him and still loves to eat his baby food. He will eat all the finger food I give him and still follow it up with two jars of baby food. When it is time for Mommy and Daddy to eat, Jake will beg for food like a little dog. He reaches for our plates or trys to pull me by my shirt towards him all the while saying mmm...mmmm...mmm. Its annoyingly adorable.

He's not one for napping, at least not until he has driven Mommy to the brink of her sanity...then he finally falls asleep. He will usually engage me in a 30-60 minute game of throwing his binky and monkey out of his crib, banging his binky on the wall, or having his own private fit of giggles for no apparent reason. Thankfully though he never pulls those antics at night, he always lays down like a good boy and goes to sleep. He sleeps from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m and usually naps for 1-2 hours a day.

He often likes to look out the window to see what is happening outside. He will pull himself up and put his hands on the glass and bang away. He loves baths in the big tub, when he hears the water turning on he makes a b-line towards the bathroom. He reaches in to touch the water as it comes out of the spicket and giggles in delight. And he's a splasher, he splashes like it's his job. He enjoys car rides and listening to his Sesame Street CD. Jake is still a sensitive guy to loud noises or sudden movements but he is by no means a difficult baby. He is quite easy going, happy to play by himself and very independent. He can tell you what a dog or cow says, wave bye bye, send kisses and play "SO BIG". He says Mama, Dada, toot toot, and recently started repeating "don't touch" when he hears Mommy say it. Jake is just as sweet as they make them.

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