Sunday, January 13, 2008

7 days and counting..

My poor bubbies....still congested and coughing. No fevers which is good but not sleeping or eating well at all. Jake wants nothing to do with food, which is a strange concept to process, since he is our little eater. Anderson is hanging in there, a little tired out but not nearly as wiped out as his brother. He seems to have enough energy to bite. Today he bit Jake, Kevin and myself. I took the hardest hit with a bite to the leg that actually broke skin. It is obvious that he really has no idea he is doing anything wrong. We firmly told him "no" when he bit Jake and Kevin and of course he reacted with a smile and giggle. After he bit me (hard enough for me to scream out) I picked him up and placed him across the room away from us in sort of a timeout. I'm pretty sure he got the message that time. He was soooo upset that Mommy was unhappy with him. He wailed and cried and crawled over to me and sobbed at my feet.

After teaching for almost 10 years I've seen my share of tears shed from children who have been disciplined and actually had no trouble holding my ground. I was a tough cookie. But today the ice on my heart melted. It is so different when it is your own child. I had to pick him up. I had to give him reassuring hugs and kisses. I had to tell him it was okay. I had to forgive and forget.... and I'm not making any apologies for it either.

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