Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend Pics

Jake giving a big smile.

Anderson eating his breakfast.

Daddy and the boys at his birthday celebration.

Daddy and Jake

Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday, the BIG 3-0, so we spent the weekend celebrating. On Friday evening Grandma came over to babysit while Kev and I met up with our friends. Just about everyone I invited was able to come so we had close to 20 people there to help Kevin celebrate. Celebrate he did, a few too many times. Daddy was feeling pretty loose by the end of the night and had a great time. Deservedly so.

Yesterday we met up with Grandpa Edgar for a nice lunch and visit. The boys were very well behaved at lunch and loved eating all the cheese off the antipasto salad. Today we headed over to Kevin's mom's house for a big birthday celebration. His mom made a big dinner for everyone and a good time was had by all. The boys liked visiting with family and all the attention they got. A big thanks to Grandma for putting together such a nice party for such a great guy!

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Sara said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't be there. I was about to surprise everyone (Mom included) and show up anyhow, but inclement weather AND finals were working against me. I miss ALL the good stuff *pouts*. I'll give Kev a ring tomorrow to wish him a happy birthday and will be around sometime next week. So that's an official offer, if you guys need a night out, I'm more than willing to take care of the princes. :) I'm not offended if you shudder at that suggestion, I'd be scared too. But I do plan on quiet possibly badgering you guys until you are muttering under your breath for me to leave. ;)

Ok, I'm rambling. I miss you guys! Give 'em big slobberies for me!!