Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

The Christmas whirlwind is over. It was great while it lasted but we are really relishing in our "do nothing" day today. The boys liked all their gifts, which were wonderful by the way, but what they really enjoyed the most was the visits from family. They did pretty good opening the gifts, even a seasoned vet couldn't have opened all their gifts without becoming exhausted..they had that many.

Christmas eve started off with visit from Grandpa Edgar and Aunt Sara. We had a nice lunch while the boys napped and then when they awoke we opened gifts. Later in the afternoon my parents, the McBrides and Great Grandma Virginia came for dinner. We had tons of food, wine and gifts. The boys loved when Grant and Claire helped them open presents! And just like the little angels they are when it was bedtime they kissed everyone goodnight and went to bed without a fuss. They were eager for Santa's arrival.

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