Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

The boys woke up bright and early on Christmas morning to see what Santa had left them. They opened their gifts and had some breakfast. After they napped, Grandma and Grandpa Custer, Grandma Edgar, Great Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler, Aunt Sara, Uncle Joe and Uncle Matt all came over. We had a huge brunch with quiche, danish, french toast bake, sausage and a bunch of other yummy foods.

The boys were spoiled rotten by their Grandmas'! Shelving units for their toy room and giant pencils for the wall of their playroom was the highlight. Not to mention all three grandmas bought the boys enough clothes for this winter and spring, and an unbelieveable amount of toys and goodies.

In the evening we headed over to my Aunt and Uncle's house to see my extended family. We had brought the boys pack n plays in hopes that they would fall asleep while we were there but no such luck. Kevin ended up taking them home around 7 so that our sleepy heads could get some rest. My Grandfather was brought from the nursing home for a few hours so that was very exciting for he and everyone. We all know he lives for days like yesterday, its just too bad those days are so few. For those that don't know my Grandfather can't really communicate very well, a few words here and there. When they wheeled him into my Aunt's house he looked at his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (all gathered around staring at him) and said "What in the hell?" as clear as day. We had a big laugh.

Today we cleaned out their closets to get rid of the outgrown toys and clothes to make room for all the new ones. We also took down all of our holiday decorations because the big 0-1 party will be in just over a week so with all the preparations coming up there wouldn't have been time over the next week.

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