Thursday, December 06, 2007

Airing Out

Hey mommy, what's up?

I love the way he keeps his legs in the air.

Jake and Anderson seem to experience everything together being brothers, diaper rash included. These guys are very "healthy" in the potty department and now that they have increased their big people food it seems that the diaper rash has caught up with them. Since they have their own conceirge (me) to change their diapers on demand I thought we might escape the nasty wrath of the diaper rash but unfortunately not so. So this afternoon Jake "aired out" while watching Sesame Street. Brother was napping (as usual) during this funny sight.

1 comment:

Brent & Heather Harbin said...

Okay...let's set the extreme cuteness factor aside for a minute...

They are going to kill you when they are older for posting blackmail pictures on the internet!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!