Sunday, December 16, 2007

Being Anders

6 a.m. this morning

Jake making a mess of his pancakes.

Anderson asking for just a little bit more...

Such sweetness

Anders up to no good

Today we woke up to a winter wonderland or has Jared would say "The last blast of '07". It was a beautiful sight but brrr was it cold and windy! We planned on bundling up the babes and taking them out for their first sled ride but after Daddy came in from shoveling the snow he said it would be too cold for tiny fingers and toes. So we spent the day doing our usual thing...eating and playing. I've included some pictures of Anderson because he really cracked us up today. He spent the day hugging me, Kevin, Jake and Elmo. Every few minutes he would come up to one of us to show us his affection. On Friday I realized that he was signing "eat" to me. We have only used a couple of signs with the boys sporadically but he was clearly telling me he wanted some food. It was so awesome to see him communicate his needs. What a sweet boy our Anders is!

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