Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Project Impossible

Still missing countertops but shaping up well

Anderson and Jake's Place to trash

Home theater area where the projection screen will be. Please note for Kevin's ego the built in wall speakers.

Bathroom still needs a mirror and a couple of other finishing touches.

Here are some pictures of our work in progress. After the boys got here the walls in what we thought was our spacious house started to close in on us. It wasn't long before we felt we had to finish our basement to fit all the plastic junk that litters our floors. Our goal was to have it finished by their first birthday so that we could have the big party down there. It will be close but I'm hopeful it will happen. Now the boys will have their playroom, Kevin will have his home theater (someone please wipe the drool off his chin) and me...well I guess I now have double the space to clean. Just doesn't seem fair.


Sara said...

Is the center channel speaker a different color than the other two? Tsk tsk Tammy. I can't believe you didn't make him keep it uniform! I would've!! haha. I can't help be completely and totally jealous of the setup though. But you knew that.

P.S. I'll wipe the drool off of Kev's chin when I finish drooling. hehe

Sara said...

Oh, and P.S., I do come up as Ypsi, not Waterford (I have no idea why I thought that..didn't make any sense at all.)