Sunday, December 02, 2007

Our Weekend

Getting along

I'm not sure what to say about this picture...I won't even try to guess what they were thinking.
Jake feeling the ladybugs in his book.

Anderson and Jake had a full weekend. On Friday it was off to D-town for Jake's helmet appointment. Jake always enjoys that, he gets to see his baby commrades (former now) in their helmet gear and he doesn't feel so alone. He shrieked and smiled at them all, only one or two made eye contact..not everyone is as comfortable in their helmet as Jake is/was. He managed to tick the dr. off again. She is not the most likable dr. and doesn't have much of a bedside manner so I secretly enjoy that he won't cooperate with her and almost inevitably irritates the sh*t out of her. Well done, son.

On Saturday we worked in the basement. Now that the carpet is in we are able to take the boys down there, fence them in with their toys and get a little work done. The bathroom is complete minus a mirror so that is progress for us. Later in the day we grabbed a Mexican dinner and took the boys to downtown Rochester to see the Christmas light display. It was freezing so we only made it one block. They liked the lights but I think they were too frozen to show any excitement.

Today we did our grocery shopping. Anderson and Jake were good little boys helping Mommy and Daddy pick out the food and load up the carts. For dinner we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a visit with Aunt Diane and Uncle Karel who were in town from Canada. The boys enjoyed a change of scenery and interacting with new people. Jake was curious and quickly made himself at home by identifying all the danger areas in Grandma's house and relentlessly heading towards them.

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