Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Home Tour

I found this great idea on another twin mommy's blog...thanks Heather! Kevin and I spent the evening last night checking out other people's blogs and looking at all their Christmas decorations. I thought it might be fun to participate as this first Christmas with the boys will be a very special year for Kevin and I. If you want to tour other people's beautiful and unique Christmas homes click on the link below.

Christmas Tour of Homes

My grandmother had Santa mugs like these for my sister and I to drink egg nog out of. When I saw them a couple of years ago I had to get them! Brings back many good memories.

Our fireplace with only two stockings. The other two are in the closet because the stocking holders won't stay put and we don't want them falling on the boys. This Nutcracker is my favorite Christmas decoration, I picked him up a few years ago during the after Christmas sales.

My small collection of nutcrackers with a picture of Anderson and Jake on Santa's lap this year.

Our Christmas card collection. The boys LOVE looking at all the babies and kids! They laugh and touch them every day before their naps.

Our Christmas tree.


Amy said...

My friend put all the pictures of her friends/family on her fridge last year and shortly thereafter her little one knew everyone's names!! Very smart!

Amydeanne said...

very pretty house, though I was totally distracted by those cutie patooties!