Friday, December 07, 2007

Those guys

Jake Thomas
Anderson James
At least one brother is having fun

Here are some pics of the little ones playing together today. They had a good time with their ball popper, laundry basket ride and cruising around on the furniture. We met Daddy for lunch at Burger King and sat in the play area. Anderson and Jake so enjoy watching the big kids play and run around. They bounce around in their high chairs and squeal in delight wanting so desperately to join in the fun. Kevin and I enjoy it because we don't have to worry about how loud and disruptive their being and we can eat our meal without interruption.
Anderson has a new trick up his sleeve. He has recently started to give out hugs and an occasional kiss. He has been crawling up to me throughout the day and putting his arms clumsily around my neck. When Kevin comes home and picks him up he squeezes Kevin around the neck with a big bear hug. It makes those crazy I can't take this anymore moments you have with twins so worth it.
And finally some recognition for one of my most favorite people in the cousin Jared. Jared has faithfully come to my sanity's rescue at least one day a week since the boys were born. He makes sure I get out of the house with the boys, have some laughs, and does most of the work while were out. He dresses the boys, changes diapers, help feeds them, unloads and loads the stroller etc.. Yesterday was a particulary stressful day for me and Jared called to see what time he should come by. I expressed to him how frustrated I was and how defeated I was feeling and he said "I'll be right there to kick some ass". And he did. He got us out of the house, pumped my gas (as I sat in car crying about how much I appreciated him), and most importantly cracked me up the entire time. God I love that guy!

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