Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Anderson not showing much enthusiasm...he always takes a few minutes to adjust

Jake reaching for the waterfalls

Mommy and Anderson



We took the boys to the pool this afternoon. When we asked them if they wanted to go Anderson said "I'm so excited!". Unfortunately he has a hard time understanding that after we dress him in his bathing suit we then have to cover him back up with his clothes. If he had it his way he would go outside in the 12 degree weather wearing only his swim trunks. Jake of course just rolls with the punches, whatever we do, however we dress him is okay with him.
The boys have such different approaches at the pool. Anderson stays close to Mommy and enters the pool slowly. He checks out what everyone is doing and stays on the perimeter till he feels comfortable enough to join the fun. Jake however dives right in so to speak. He heads from one area to the next, sticks his face right in, blows bubbles and actually tries to swim. Jake could care less where his Mom and Dad are, he just wants to be in the middle of the action.

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