Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It comes with the territory I guess

More times then I can count this week Kevin and I have looked at each other helplessly caught in the wrath of two irrational two year olds. Neither of us knowing what to do, shaking our heads thinking WTF, trying to stop the chaos and make sense of the completely senseless. It feels like we are trying to walk up the down escalator.

A big part of the problem is the endless cold and crappy weather we have been having. We are on month number four of virtual house arrest. We take them out, but because of our extreme bad luck with illness last year we try and stay away from any indoor public play areas so that means we head to Costco or Target and all the boys do is get to ride in the cart. They can't expel any of their pent up energy, have some fresh air, or change their scenery. Sadly they are as familiar with Target as their own home. What they really need is to feel some grass on their feet, go down a slide, wade in a stream, and walk freely without five layers of clothing plus a heavy coat and hat on.

They are having difficulty with transition. They resist getting ready to go out of the house and they cry when they have to come back home. They suddenly decide they are ready to eat and become frantic for food, ten minutes later when their food is ready they decide they don't want to eat because they don't want to stop playing. They tell us don't want something and when we say okay and take it from them, they begin to scream that they DO want it. We give it back and then they cry that they don't want it. Again WTF?

After dinner time we usually take them down to the basement where there is more room to run and different toys to play with. This helps but it is not enough. We REALLY need some decent weather, they REALLY need to be outside, and mom and dad REALLY need a vacation.

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