Sunday, February 08, 2009

WTH won't blogger let me space my paragraphs?

Ummm, jumpin on the bed with fake ice cream !?!?!

Jake saying cheese

Anderson saying cheese

I haven't been very motivated to blog lately. I've tried uploading some pictures at least 3 times this week and either my computer won't accept them or blogger gives me an error. Either way I've found myself giving up for the time being and then today I realized its been a week since I shamelessly bragged about my little people.
I think another reason I haven't blogged is over the past week I have read a lot of bad news for families of other blogs I follow. One sweet twin girl the same age as the boys has passed away from cancer, another MOM just found out her husband has cancer, and yet another MOM has found out her 5 month old twinks have a fatal genetic disorder. It's more than anyone can handle and completely unimaginable to me. I feel fortunate to have a healthy family but I'm always aware that this happy life could change in an instant. Doom and gloom aside, here's what my twosome have been up to...
Anderson~He's coming up with all sorts of random stuff. Today I asked him what he was doing and he told me to "wait here one second" and then he took off for his room. When he likes his food he declares that it is delicious and more than once this week he has said whatever Mommy. He's been relentlessly bugging Jake to hold trains he doesn't want to hold. He'll chase Jake around saying "JAAAAAKE, JAAAAKE, here, here" in the most desperate of tones which then totally freaks and annoys Jake. Jake starts to cry and then Anderson starts crying but still insists on following Jake everywhere till he'll take the train. It's bizarre, it's weird, and I feel bad for Jake.
Jake~Jake is currently on a sleep strike which is another excuse I have for my absence. He has skipped some naps and is waking up at the crack of dawn exclaiming "Morning, morning" and by nine a.m. he is dragging and ready for a nap. Between that, his crabbiness from not enough sleep, and my normally erratic sleeping patterns, I've been pretty tired. Jake has really taken a liking to the movie Cars. He loves Lightning McQueen and talks about LMQ and Mack throughout the day. He tooted the other day and starting saying "Lightning McQueen farted". Three days later and he's still randomly saying it.

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