Sunday, March 01, 2009

Grant turned 10 !

Kevin and I

Jake and Grant

Anderson and Grant


Grant turned 10 this past week so today we headed over to his house to celebrate. The boys enjoyed the party, the people and most of all some sampling of ice cream. They don't get sweets very often, so when they do they really enjoy it!
Grant is really growing up quickly. He only had one gift to open, the rest were all cash and gift cards so he can buy the i touch he wants. Long gone are the days of toys and themed birthday parties.
There has been a change in plans for Anderson's double root canal. It has now been moved up by 2.5 weeks to this Wednesday. His abscess started to look worse not better after beginning antibiotics. He is now on new antibiotics and will have the procedure done sooner. I'm starting to really get nervous for him. The sweet thing has enjoyed his two visits to the dentist, he has walked away smiling with his balloon in hand. Now I feel like we will be betraying him, he has no idea what he is in for :(.

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