Friday, February 20, 2009

Bad Day

Awhile back I blogged about taking Anderson to the pediatric dentist for his tooth that had become discolored after hitting it on the tub. We were told that although it was dying there was no cause for concern and that they would just keep an eye on it. We returned today so that they could take another look. Since our last visit it has really gotten dark and now the other front tooth was beginning to discolor as well.

They took an x-ray and then evaluated him. It was not good news. There is an abscess in his gums that is most likely infected so he will need antibiodics to clear that up and next month he will undergo a double root canal on his front teeth.

He won't be able to eat or drink anything the morning of, this will be extremely difficult as Anderson is pretty demanding about food. They will give him sedation medication to relax him a half hour before the procedure but he will not be asleep during the procedure. He will have to be put in a straight jacket type contraption that will keep him from moving around from the neck down and then they will give him laughing gas if he can tolerate that. My poor sweet Anders. The dentist will then remove the roots and fill the teeth with a white composite material.

The good news is that the dr. said it should be a pretty painless procedure for him. The worst of it will just be his fear and frustration of being restrained. To add insult to injury, pediatric dentists are out of network for our insurance so I guess this means Anderson will have to attend community college his freshman year or worse yet forego his ticket to Disneyworld in August.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Ev had to be placed in a strait jacket when he needed stitches. As long as he can see momma by his side, that should be comforting until it is all over.