Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here today gone tomorrow

Jake has forgotten his abc's. We mastered them months ago and moved on to bigger and better things and now it seems his little brain has misplaced them. He now says ABC, sing with me. Not only does he leave out the other 23 letters of the alpahbet but he gets really p'off if you don't high five him for "ABC, sing with me". So being the typical obbessive mommy that I am, I've been reciting the alphabet non-stop to him and making Kevin do it as well. Anderson has started protesting by saying "no abc's" everytime we say them. Ahh, the ridiculousness of it all.

For my own memory, or lack thereof I should say, here is what the bubbies are doing at 25 months....

Recite ABC's (A)
Count to 10 (A and J)
Count to 20 with just a few missing numbers (A and J)
Identify numbers to 10 (A and J)
Identify the letters of the alphabet upper and lower case (J is the master but A is pretty good too)
Can identify at LEAST 15-20 Thomas trains with absurd names...Toby, Terrence, Trevor, Mavis, Diesel, Daisy, Skarloey, etc... (A and J)
Can recite most of Put Me in the Zoo (A)
Can make a tower of blocks 5-7 blocks high (A and J)
Knows the colors red, blue, orange, green, black, yellow, purple, pink (A is the master, J gets it 75% of the time)
Knows the shapes circle, square, diamond, rectangle, triangle, oval and heart (A is the master, J forgets rectangle and diamond)
Knows all the major Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters by name (A and J)
Knows about 10 sounds that the letters make (A and J)
Draws/colors with a seemingly intended purpose (A)
Can sing along fairly well to most nursery rhymes...i.e 50% of the words (A and J)
Brushes teeth (A and J)
If I had to guess I would say that A has about 250 words and J has about 175 words

Although I'm happy with the above accomplishments, I think what I am most proud of is their ability to show love to others. They are such friendly and happy little guys, they live life to the fullest and know how to have a good time.

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