Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Warning.... another disgusting post

Where do I start? The past 48 hours have been HORRIBLE. When the boys woke up yesterday morning they seemed fine, they were happy, eating, and playful. Kevin had the day off for Veteran's Day so they were happy and excited to have a "bonus" day with Dad. We had a wonderful morning playing, reading together and just cuddling on the floor in one big pile of Edgars.

I went to work for the afternoon and Kevin put the boys down for nap and then things took a turn for the worse. Jake woke up crying, Kevin went in to check on him and he had a massive blowout. Straight to the tub he went and he was hysterical about it. Poop was everywhere and Kevin had to try and get his soiled clothes off without spreading the poop throughout the house. Thankfully Anderson slept through everything.

Then a half hour later, Anderson woke up. It was just a few short minutes till he started throwing up. Every 15-20 minutes for 5 LONG hours. The poor guy was just miserable, he couldn't keep any liquids down and just lifting his head up made him throw up. We decided to take him to the ER down the street that just opened near our house. My sister came over to stay with Jake (who was sleeping) because both of us had to go. Someone had to sit with Anderson in the back since he was throwing up so often.

They tried to give him pedialyte but he couldn't keep down anything and was growing more listless so they did an IV for fluids. He was such a tough guy about it, he was more than cooperative and only cried from the pain. He never fought or screamed, Kevin and I felt our hearts break in two as they made failed attmepts to find his tiny veins. Once they got the IV in he fell asleep and I called my wonderful friend Jodi to come pick me up so I could relieve my sister. It was going to be a couple of hours on the IV for him and it was getting late and Tina had to work the next day.

As soon as I came home I called Kevin to get an update as I knew both of us were feeling yucky at the ER. He was in the room with Anderson and now he was throwing up. I felt just awful for leaving him and I was worried sick that now he was getting sick all while trying to keep Anderson comforted.

Kevin was able to stick it out for the remainder of the time, he was amazingly strong. I would have been a hysterical mess and fell apart. I always fall apart when I throw up, I'd rather endure some sort of crazy torture than throw up. He brought Anderson home, continued to get sick and at around one in the morning I joined him. He and I took turns holding the garbage can for one another and getting eachother water. I love that man, he is the patience and love that holds us so tightly to one another.

Today we are in complete survival mode. All four of us stink, feel like complete sh!t and I for one can't wait till bedtime since we're both running on close to zero sleep.

A HUGE shoutout thanks to Jodi for coming to pick me up, putting her own health in jeapordy(I swear I didn't touch anything), and missing part of her favorite show. I promise to repay you in clothes and toys for our favorite Baby Simon.