Saturday, November 29, 2008

6 days and counting...

Jake and his trains

Anderson full of cheer right after waking up (note the train in his hand)

Good Morning, Jakey!

Anderson says "cheese"
It has been six days since we gave the boys their trains and they are still obbessed with carrying them around everywhere. Life moves slowly when you constantly have to switch the hands that are holding the trains to put your arm in your sleeve, eat, or take a bath. They just won't put them down, its ridiculous! One day they were fighting for the same train, Henry, so I asked my parents to pick up a second Henry. No one wanted Murdoch. Now that there are two Henrys wouldn't you know that both boys now fight over Murdoch. I refuse to buy another Murdoch. Those stickin trains are 8 bucks a piece!
The boys had a great Thanksgiving spent with their family. We started the day off with having Grandma and Auntie Sara over for brunch, heading to Great Grandma Edgar's house for dinner and then our final stop was at the McBride's house for dessert and a b-day celebration for Claire. I wrote up a long huge post complaining about some dumb and insensitive comments made by family members but have since deleted it. It just didn't seem right to complain on a day that I was so very grateful for my boys.
Yesterday we went with the McBrides to downtown Rochester for some Christmas festivities. It was cold but they had fun. Afterwards we ate dinner at Famous Daves and the boys were so good! They munched on baked beans, corn bread, chicken, mac n cheese, and whatever else they could get their hands on.

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